• Don’t deny or avoid emotions. Just be and let yourself feel things because it’s an important thing to embrace.
  • Journal. This ties in with not denying or avoiding emotion, as you know I love to draw and through journaling I can express my emotions, make sure you hide your journal in a place NOBODY would think of looking in. Creativity is the goal even if it doesn’t look fabulous, think of it as a wonderful mess: How to be a Girl Boss
  • Use all of your senses, look around you notice the patterns on the leaves and the texture of bark on trees; touch the grass and feel how cold and refreshing it is to run your fingers along it; hear the children screaming in the background and the wind blowing all around you; taste the first raindrops that drop gently from up above; smell the braai, the meat sizzling all juicy and tender.662f9e6b0a7dd3063661c2e92d18ba2d
  • Think, wonder, dream. Focus on your thoughts, close your eyes and focus in your breathing and think about… everything, it’s up to you to think and decide😉
  • Enjoy the little things in life, not everything will turn out to be amazing but all the little things that make you smile and laugh are the things you should spend time on.❤
  •  Listen to  music, there are some amazing artists out there and Betty Davis° is one of them, it doesn’t  matter whether or not it’s  relaxing and calming and slow because for me it’s about being in the moment!33dacf6d81791b64e27621f8939dfde1
  • Read. I love reading and lately with prep for exams😩, I haven’t had time to but  I’m writing this because it’s more fun than you think. Reading is like an escape from school and stress and everything going on because once you get started on a book that is destined to be yours, you never stop loving it and you can relax too which is fabaroony🙄
  • Exercise, this is DEFINITELY A MUST. You have no idea how good it feels when you are pumped full of energy and you’ve just finished a run or exercise, it is honestly so rewarding and you feel GREAT!!!48d42b8e4dc1074059d260152a855ed2

I hope you enjoyed my tips on Mindfulness and you can let me know if there are any posts you wanna see on my blog❤

Love you