Lately I’ve Been Thinking…

Okay so recently I was reading this post by Alexandra Jane. And this was a very eye-opening post for me because I related to a lot of the things she talked about. I started Seventeen Wishes because I wanted to meet new people,I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions and have people share their thoughts and feeling with me:I wanted people to interact with.

Lately there’s been something off about Seventeen Wishes and tbh, I hate it.2018 is a new year, another chance for me to redefine what I want for this blog and for me,because this blog is a part of me as much as anything else in my life.

I want to follow people who’s posts I love reading.When I was starting this blog I followed everyone who followed me back regardless of whether or not I liked their content,because I genuinely thought it was just being nice.I’m starting to understand that I would much rather follow people whose posts I like and give them amazing feedback because I mean it.I don’t feel obligated to follow people because they follow me anymore, I spent the day unfollowing a few people because:they deserve better.They deserves followers who engage with them,love their content,smile with them,follow their journey.With the number of people I was following before I couldn’t do that.It was stressful.Now I can, and knowing that despite the fact I had to leave some bloggers on their journey temporarily I still hope for the best for them makes me feel better.

I want to post things you guys actually want to read😂Don’t get me wrong this blog is most definitely for me but I also wanna have stuff that actually interests you😂

You guys really seem to like the posts where I talk about feminism which leads to me rambling about being vegetarian😂But at the end of the day as long as it’s something I’m not clueless about *coughs and mutters makeup*

I want to learn how to take hella cute photos😂I currently have the iPhone 6 and the camera quality on here is amazing which is why I’m gonna try my best to learn more about photography so I can produce better quality photos for you guys😊Like if you guys follow Monika from Destination Humanity you know exactly what I’m talking about when I mean great photos😂SHE SLAYSS MY LIFE😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

I want a theme.A theme that won’t change for a very very long time. I’ve changed my name and my themes several times and even though I’m happy with my blog name☺️I can’t help feeling like my theme is too young and child like but still somewhat perfect for me😂Like, I want a more mature look because despite my savagery(😂😂) I am quite mature for my age but the savage side of me…she needs the childish vibes you know😂😉Any suggestions??

I would also like to follow more bloggers on Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest❤️❤️😂There’s mine,if you’re interested💛

And lastly,even though I’m not entirely sure how:I want to help out new bloggers.I know how scary it can be starting a new blog but for me it was really exciting.Getting 5 likes when I was starting out made me feel INCREDIBLE so I wanna help out new bloggers and maybe that can be my way of giving back to the blogosphere??

Any advice???Any tips,comments or thoughts?Let me know❤️❤️

Come get lost with me




I recently got a new header on my that I designed today and I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud.) Honestly, none of this would have been possible if I hadn’t stumbled upon an amazing post a month or so ago ( I’m actually really annoyed with myself because I can’t find it, but to the wonderful person who wrote the post:thank you so much!The app I used to design this is called Canva and the template on there isn’t the right size for WordPress, so I had to customise it but apart from that it really doesn’t take a manual and ten tabs to figure out how to us it =GREAT!  Desygner is another app I love to use and because I no longer have an iPhone, I can’t download the Canva app so I use Desygner instead. I love it because it really is easy to use and the templates on there are gorgeous! And in case you were wondering there are a few more changes that I want to make and will make but for now I wanna focus on posting great content (there are some collabs on the way) and (are you ready!?)

I actually planned my posts in advance

(This is when you start singing “For the first time in forever!” )

That’s it for know because I really should be sleeping (cross-country tomorrow)

Have a terrific week!!!

Be yourself, babe




The most gruelling two weeks of my life are over and I have never been so happy and exhausted at the same time. NS (Natural Science) was awful and I left out like 90% of the questions, CA (Creative Arts) sucked as well but apart from that I did well. I GOT 91% IN HISTORY and I am so proud of myself because I haven’t done as well in history this year as I wanted to. We got our English paper 2 today after it had been marked and many people did badly, I was one of them 67%. EMS was a lot better though 83% and Afrikaans 74%, I was ecstatic because Afrikaans is a subject I struggle in, LO (Life Orientation) was amazing 87.5% and English paper 1 was 73%. I think those are all the exams we’ve gotten back so far but yay!!!

I have to pass because I like expensive things