“I can’t deal” moments

                                We’ve all been there.

1. People eating with their mouths wide open

 Excuse me, I didn’t ask for a before and after of your burger😂

2.Anyone who makes a mountain out of a molehill

3.People who are rude to you and then try to make excuses for their behaviour

4.Everybody who said I was killing animals by eating their food when I was a vegetarian, because yes, all vegetarians survive purely on grass 😉😄😒


6.When people insist on speaking with fake accents and can’t pull them off

7.People who boast about their abilities and fail horribly when it’s time to present those skills

8.Wanting to start reading a new series of books and not having the first book in the series

9.The fact that I use ‘amazing’ so much

10.Not having a thesaurus yet

11.When the person I wanted to win gets eliminated off a tv show.

12. Having to re-re-explaim

13. People who ask you a question then say, ‘never mind’ when you don’t hear them

14. The lack of books on my bookshelves 

15. When my phone, laptop or tablet dies and I’m seconds away from plugging it in to the charger

16.Not having a charger when my laptop, tablet or phone dies

17. When judges on tv shows crush people’s dreams

18.People who try to bring you down because they’re having a bad day

19.When Deezer doesn’t have the lyrics to your jam🎤

20. The ‘Little Miss Perfect’s’ of the world

-I strongly believe that we are all perfect, I know we’re not perfect. I understand that we all have flaws, but I like to think that our flaws make us better people. And if we try to better ourselves, and strive to live truly awesome lives then that’s my version of perfect. What I do have an issue with is people who think they are better than others and those people are the Little Miss/Mister Perfect’s of the world.

21.When the WIFI finishes

22.When I’m listening to a CD and my radio player says ‘ER’ (error)

23. Getting into the shower and realising the water’s cold

24. When I buy a pack of ten coloured pens(one for each colour) and then halfway through the year realise I have seven oranges, none pinks and four reds but no other colours

25. When the lids fall off my pens, kokis and highlighters in my pencil-case

26.People who break promises

27. When my new headphonesstop working after two weeks

28.Having to wear earphones that constantly fall out of my ears because my headphones are broken

29. Trying to decipher Shakespeare and not understanding the first line after reading it ten times.

30.Not having a jersey on a cold morning at school (when they don’t switch on the heaters😭😂

31.People who complain about my attitude

32.When people walk slowly in front of me