I am a brain.

Sometimes you love me for my rational way of thinking

Or when you get an A on the math test you thought you would fail

What you don’t love is when I get in the way of your heart

Because then you know

You’re stuck on this emotional rollercoaster

And there’s no getting off ’till the end

You don’t really understand the way I work

Or why I make you think the things you think

Or why you make you do the things you do

I give you reason to think the things you think

And sometimes you mull it over and you can’t help but think

“What the…?”

But there’s a reason for my madness

My mystery

My expertise

In a field of matters you’re only just beginning

To understand

What is the labyrinth

Is it the pain you feel in life or the escape?

Is it straight and fast? Is that the way out of suffering?

I am a brain.









The story behind the poem:

During a therapy session my psychologist placed numerous objects on a table in front of me and asked me to write something from the objects point of view. While writing this I wasn’t me, I was my brain and after I had written my poem, my psychologist asked if I thought this poem was related to my feelings in any way. I said no. She asked me to read it again, aloud and insert my name and personal pronouns where needed.

So I thought I would share this with you because I’ve realised that in the past few months I’ve been underestimating myself.A lot. And after reading this poem a second time I realised that even though my writing is far from perfect I am a talented writer. And writing this has made me realise that now it isn’t just something people say to be nice and it was never just something people said to be nice, it was something they genuinely believed. And now I believe it too.



Stop stopping yourself.





I spend so many hours on Pinterest and through those hours, I have found so many great poets and quotes, poems and pictures and it inspired me to write a poem! I really like this poem and I worked hard on it and edited it and asked my friends for feedback and some of them understood it and others didn’t,  but I hope you love it as much as I do and understand the message behind it! Without further ado here goes:

Connected in a million different ways

That’s what we are

The moon and star

The girl who loved mysteries

and the boy, who shone brighter

than all the stars in all the galaxies

The boy who made the moon feel as if she was not just a person

who was boring and ugly

The boy who looked at her and made her feel sparks in the pit of her stomach,

The boy who made her feel as if she was special and beutiful and changed her universe

They were connected



Thank you so much for reading I’m so glad I got to share this with you and inspire you to write own poem (hopefully)

What’s the secret of life?

People change people