So in case you haven’t noticed yet I luurrvvee music. Some of the songs on this playlist are quite old but that’s never stopped me from dancing wildly to them, lol, who even am I? Anyway without further ado:


  • National Anthem-Lana Del Rey
  • You Don’t Own Me-Grace
  • Woman- Kesha
  • Say It To My Face-Madison Beer
  • New Rules- Dua Lipa
  • Don’t Play- Halsey
  • Do My Thang-Miley Cyrus
  • Feelings- Hayley Kiyoko
  • O.D.D- Hey Violet
  • Work- Iggy Azalea
  • Secret(Shh)- Charli XCX (Honestly not sure if this song fits the theme but it makes me feel badass so we’re putting it here anyway)
  • Needed Me- Rihanna
  • Dead- Madison Beer
  • Nasty Gal- Betty Davis
  • Hard Out Here- Lily Allen
  • You Already Know-Fergie
  • Sorry Not Sorry-Demi Lovato
  • BO$$-Fifth Harmony
  • Pretty Girls-Britney Spears
  • Bad Girls-M.I.A
  • Ready For It-Taylor Swift
  • Blow-Kesha
  • Potential Breakup Song-Aly and AJ
  • My Rules-Jadagrace

Music is what feelings sound like



Girl Boss/Guy Boss

Hey guys so I know I haven’t posted anything in this series for the past two months but I posted a bunch of other stuff so I hope that’s okay with you. October is my birthday month, which is why it was really important to me to find someone who really inspired me. Without further ado, I give you October’s Girl Boss:

October’s GirlBoss Is:


The Questions

  1. .If you could be any superhero for a day, who would you be?
  2. 😂What’s the oldest thing in your fridge right now?
  3.  Coffee or hot chocolate
  4. If you could give one piece of advice to a newbie blogger, what would it be?
  5. 5 places you would love to visit.
  6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  7. What would you say, is your greatest achievement so far?
  8. If your life story was made into a movie, what would you call it and why
  9. (I just have to ask) Favourite quote  😏😏
  10. Mayweather vs McGregor went down, how were you hoping would win?
  11. Have you ever experienced deja vu?
  12. Describe yourself in one sentence
  13. What’s your favourite app?
  14. What is your favourite book of all time?
  15. Do you speak any other languages?
  16. Funniest picture of yourself (or any pic of yourself)


The Answers:

  1. If I could be a superhero for a day I would be Wonder Woman, just because she is super powerful, and I absolutely loved the movie which made me love her so much more. She’s literally got it all; super strength, super speed, and she knows how to fight. I do not watch a lot of super hero movies, but I do know I love wonder woman though!
  2. I usually always go through my fridge and take out everything that has gone bad so this is hard for me! I think the oldest thing in my fridge would have to be some peppers that I forgot to eat! Yuck!
  3. This is hard for me! I would have to choose coffee just because I need that energy in the morning. I never used to like coffee but now I need it in the morning, and absolutely love it! I also love having tea as well!
  4. If I could give one piece of advice to a newbie blogger I would tell them to go for it if they are hesitating about starting. I finally decided to just “do it”, and look where I am today, constantly growing and learning new things as well. If you have a passion doesn’t be afraid to show the world it, and listen to others if they offer advice to you.  But that would be the most important piece of advice would be to just do it, go with it, and let your mind guide you through your blogging.
  5. Five places I would love to visit include: Jamaica, France, Australia, Banff, and Costa Rica.
  6. One of my biggest pet peeves would  be having my ears played with. I have a boyfriend who is obsessed with ears and I absolutely hate having my ears touched or played with. I find it a weird sensation and I just cannot stand it!
  7. My greatest achievement so far is overcoming and working on my social anxiety. I have been to support groups over last year to develop coping skills and techniques to work on my social anxiety and interacting with others. I was super nervous and scared to go to these meetings just because I did not know what to expect. This lasted for 8 weeks, and I even got a certificate out of it which was such an accomplishment. If you are struggling with something, I highly recommend pushing yourself and challenging yourself. You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. So I can honestly say I am super proud of myself for pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
  8. If my life story was made into a movie I would call it “The Stepping Stones”, just because I feel like I am constantly reaching new levels in my life, and I am constantly growing. I feel like I am developing new strategies of learning, and undergoing new ways of learning new things. I am pushing myself everyday and life is a journey.
  9. My Favourite quote is, “Everything happens for a reason and it’s the little things in life that matter”.  As you may or may not know this is my blogging channel name and I absolutely love it. It speaks for itself that it is not always about the big things but take into consideration the little and simple things in life. I am a very simple and easy girl, and honestly love the little things in life. The other quote that I adore is, “everything happens for a reason”. Even though really bad things can happen in life, it all happens for a reason and there is always a purpose.
  10. I honestly do not watch UFC at all so I have a very hard time answering this question, I am sorry!
  11. I think I probably have experience déjà-vu before but hardly remember what it was about. It’s usually something simple like I could be arranging papers and then stop because I felt like I was in this same exact space and doing the same thing before. It usually freaks me out!
  12. If I had to describe myself In one sentence it would be this, “ A shy but outgoing individual once you get to know me, with a strong passion towards beauty”.
  13. My favourite app besides Instagram would have to be “Filterra” which is an editing app I use for my photographs. I absolutely love it.
  14. I usually do not read too much bad I know….. but when I do I love reading twisted books about murders and crimes. I am weird like that!
  15. I sadly only speak English but would love to learn Spanish one day!

Guys, I’m sorry to say but… we’ve reached the end of this post😭😭I had so much fun working with Alyssa on this post so, if you guys haven’t already subscribe!! Okay, so I just realised I haven’t done any guy bosses yet so our next post in the series will most likely be a guy, also if you have any suggestions on who let me know even though I have an idea of who I’d want it to be.


When I realise that I have to make study notes every day of the holiday to keep up

 sad crying tears soul food soul food movie GIF

 I.Can’t Deal. 😫😂

Hope you guys have the most amazing week ever!I’m legit spending y weekend watching horror movies, making study notes and listenimg to music, what are you doing??


The Outfit Challenge with Gianna & Gemini

Before I even talk about The Outfit Challenge there is something very important that you have to do and that is follow Gianna! If you haven’t checked out her blog you have to click this link because she really is an oustanding blogger and a superb friend❤

Well this is different…

I’ve never really been the type of person who was into fashion and makeup because a) I’m not allowed to wear make up b)It seems very time consuming and c) my experiences when it comes to trying on clothes are pretty much all like this.

I’ve written and re-written this post about seven times because I have no clue how to do what these fabulous beauty bloggers do:




Yet, here we are

Yup, and I’m really excited because this is something I’ve never tried before and the fashion world is constantly changing so you never know what to expect!

Before we start:

A bit about Gianna and Gemini

I’m Gianna. But I also respond when people call me “Miss Dino.

Pancakes are a breakfast you’ll find me eating in the morning, specifically blueberry pancakes.I have big dreams, but sometimes I can be a pessimist when I feel like I’m cannot succeed, but I’m mostly an optimistic person.


  • Sketching out clothing designs

This is recently a new hobby of mine, but I am not sure that this will stay a hobby-I have a feeling that it’ll grow into something bigger. It’s just been so fun for me to sit down and draw what I’m feeling, in the form of an outfit.

I have a journal chock full of sketches of clothing designs that I’ve personalized for me. Someday, just someday, I’ll hopefully be able to start a business to actually bring these sketches to life for someone to buy and most likely love.

  • Writing

Moving away from the sappy things, I also like to write in general. It’s one of the many reasons that I started a blog, and I intend on keeping my love for writing alive by blogging.

  • Doodling- usually during class-

Yes, I do blog during class. And yes, this is probably a problem, and I should stop doing this. But how? All my best ideas come while I’m in class, and I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is.

  • Leggings

In percentage form, I probably wear legging 97% of the time, and the last 3% is me wearing dresses to go to a party of somewhere fancy of the sort.

I live in the United States, but you’ll find me wishing that I lived in a more foreign and cool kind of country. I’m a teenage blogger at the ripe age of 14, and that might surprise people, but I don’t want it to make people run away from my blog. For a while, I was afraid to tell people about my age in fear that they wouldn’t read my blog. But I don’t think that my age should define me at all, so I hope all my current readers will stay and not ride away in the nearby boats.

And with all that being said, you should now understand that I’m a confident fourteen-year-old who loves to write, is such an interactive yet sometimes is an introvert, is a leggings addict since 2002, and is someone who is so excited to have you read their blog.


What is the Outfit Challenge?

The Outfit Challenge consists of you designing an outfit for someone based on their blog and the ‘vibes’ you get from reading it.

My Outfit For Gianna:

The shirt

I choose this top because white really blends in and is a super clean colour whereas the gold necklace with the top is bright and vibrant and really just !POPS!

The jeans

The jeans are like the Rachel to my Monica! #friends

Before this year, you would never have seen me near a pair of jeans. I was on Pinterest as most fabulous stories start, and I was scrolling through my feed and there it was. The most beautiful piece of artwork ever created, right there in front of me. So, I like to think that Jen Sincero (you can check her book out below) has taught me a thing or too .When I think of Gianna, I think of this bubbly, humorous firecracker.And let me just say how these jeans represent like none other!

Check it out》                           《Check it out 



And lastly comes my dream shoes:Platforms 

Straight up: SHE’S A GIRLBOSS

Platforms give this look a more edgy feel, if you know what I mean. These platforms

My main thing/idea/plan for this, was that I needed to represent all the different aspects of Gianna’s personality. And each piece added depth to it which I really love because overall it’s colourful and vibrant and edgy and I just love it!

A special thank you to Gianna for coming up with this amazing idea and to Pinterest (I wouldn’t have found the jeans without you *wipes fake tear from eye*)

The sun will rise and we will try again