Okay so first up: I was nominated by a beautiful potato who’s humor almost killed me so thank you because that literally made my day.

You can find her blog down below and it would make me so happy if you commented something meaningful on her latest post.



If any of you heard Laurel, I’m disappointed in you. Like how in de name of ice-cream does that sound anything like Laurel. I’m going to leave the links to some ear doctor’s down below coz y’all need help.

franchesca ramsey wow GIF by chescaleigh

Disclaimer:I’m kiddingggggggggg.Not really2.WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST THING ONE OF YOUR TEACHER’S HAS DONE?

a) Forced us to dance on the tables and show off the cringiest dance moves we knew

b) Forced us to sing after a few of us lost things on tour. If you lost something you had to sing in front of the whole grade 7 class.This guy in my grade had a flashlight identical to mine and I freaked out coz I thought it was mine. Fun fact about me:My friend’s say I’m a good singer, I am sometimes but I lose every single bit of talent when I’m nervous so I flopped singing in front of my entire grade and class. Turns out the flashlight wasn’t mine and I had completely embarrassed myself

c) Called me Mrs… My crush was in my class and somehow the whole school knew I liked him and when my class rocked up to the teacher’s class she called me by his surname and I answered before my brain registered it.


Most of you already know that I’m in love with quotes but the dumbest one in the entire universe has got to be “Well, life isn’t fair.” Like hello, do you think I would be in trouble and having to hear that pointless quote if it was fair. And I always get in trouble because of this quote because instead of me replying I do this:

tyra banks wtf GIF   tyra banks wtf GIF   tyra banks wtf GIF


So, this is super embarrassing and totally cringey but, the dumbest way I’ve been injured is stretching. My friend and I were in the gym and she was stretching her leg and she pulled a muscle and I asked her what happened and she was like “All I did was…” and then me being me discarded the bit about her pulling a muscle from doing it and did it. I couldn’t walk for TWO DAYS!Because I’m me I couldn’t just include one event so here’s the next dumb thing I’ve done. I ran into a wall.


i see you wteq GIF by chescaleigh

I was three years old and it was Christmas time. My cousins and I decided to play touches in the house. Naturally the adults told us we would get hurt but did we listen, I mean at first my cousins kinda did, but then I was like nahhh they being extra besides the point, we were running in the house. And I was being chased and I turned around to look at where my cousin was and I did something similar to the GIF down below.

tv land running GIF by YoungerTV

Except there was blood and a gigantic gash in my head and loads of tears, I still have the scar.


So I took a quiz…



So because I was lied to by a website I took another quiz.

Can I please just say I look absolutely NOTHING like Emma Watson!!

So I took another quiz…

Image result for selena gomez

So the internet is a lie. *rolls eyes and slams door angrily* (She wanted Jessica Capshaw)

But it’s fine *sighs dramatically* I’ll just pretend I have the ability to sing *wipes fake tear away*.


So it was the last day of term last year and naturally my friends and I brought tons of unhealthy food to eat. So we were sitting down laughing, talking about boys, the usual. And my friend pulls out a packet of Oreos and she gives everyone except me and I whined and threw a hissy fit (I was joking) and I pretended to be upset and walk away. 10 seconds later I walk back to the group and get given an Oreo I devour it in one mouthful and then my friend does the meanest thing ever. She tells me she spat in the Oreo. I died inside. And my friends laughed at me like the wonderful savages they are.


My day’s been like a 3 so far because I’m tired af and I’m too lazy to make myself something to eat and I’m hungry. But it’s been kinda fun at the same time because I’ve been writing this lovely post about the cringiness that is my life.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven’t checked out Bayyy’s Real Neat Blog Award. It’s worth it so go read it!

I nominate



Grl Behind Screen


  • Chocolate flavoured poop or poop flavoured chocolate (I know I’m evil)?
  • What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen a kid do?
  • What’s the most useless product around today?
  • Would you rather have skin that changes colour based on your emotions or tattoos appear all over your body that depict what you did yesterday?
  • What’s something weird you recommend people do at least once?
  • What is something people are obsessed with but you don’t understand?


How rare and beautiful you are




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PS:Sorry this is so late.

Who else missed GIRLBOSS//GUYBOSS❤ As we all know(I think😂) every month (and I say every very lightly😂) I do a post called Girlboss/Guyboss.

Now let’s get into this post😄It’s March and we all know what that means: *remembers the time she had to schedule her posts but used to watch Netflix*

This is the first Girlboss/Guyboss post of the year and it deserves someone incredibly special and extraordinary which is why February’s Girlboss is none other than Chloe from Midnight Wanderer

So I’ve been binge-reading Chloe’s posts for a while and stalking looking at her Instagram😄And she writes LIKE YOU CANNOT IMAGINE, like,she was one of the first bloggers I followed and this was when my blog was just starting out and I look up to her so much❤But that’s enough of my endless chatter, here’s the stuff you actually want:

1.If you could jump into a pool of something what would it be?

This is an interesting one, the first thing that came into my head was a pool of glitter – because who doesn’t love that? Not sure how I’d feel about trying to get it all out of my hair afterwards though! I’d probably be a bit sparkly for a few days afterwards…

2.What inspired you to start blogging?

I was never really into the whole blogger community thing so there was never a specific person I looked at and thought wow, I want to start a blog because of them. I was more inspired by writers and people like Tia Henricks, Em Mercury etc. to create a platform where I could share my thoughts, feelings and interact with other like-minded people. So I’d say those were the people who inspired me to blog. In terms of what inspired me to blog, I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts, feelings and hopefully inspire and be inspired, I had a lot of things to say but nowhere to say it – there were a lot of stories I wanted to tell, a lot of memories I wanted to share and a lot of magic I wanted to create. I wanted to make something that I could share with others and show people like, look at what I did! I wanted to start something new and to start something for myself so, here I am.

3.What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured (try to top walking into a wall😂)? Honestly I’m probably the clumsiest person out there (I was walking backwards down a hill talking to some friends and fell straight into a dustbin once), but there are 2 things that came into mind when I read this question (thankfully they’re not recent events and only happened when I was younger) though I’m only going to mention one since the other is literally so bad, but basically I fell off the top of a slide and literally the whole of the left side of my face grazed off…meaning I was walking around for weeks where half of my face was just one big giant scab. Never have I wanted to walk round with a paper bag over my head so much.

4.What is something people would never guess about you?

Hmmm, maybe that I have a few tattoos & I’m basically obsessed with them & planning to get a load more?? I don’t look like your typical person who would have tattoos and people always seem a little surprised when they see them on me, so maybe that!

5.Finish the sentence: When I grow up I want to be_____________

HAPPY. Cliche I know, but if I’m happy then literally nothing else matters – I want to be free.

6.Who is your spirit animal?

Oh wow, the amount of times I’ve said this and suddenly I can’t think of a single person hahaha. If we’re talking about people then probably Chrissy Teigen, if we’re talking about actual animals then a sloth (or the dog with a blog – seems kinda fitting)…

7.Stranger Things or 13 Reasons Why??

Stranger Things forever!! It’s literally my favourite TV show in the world, those kids are just my favourite people on Earth I swear. As for 13 Reasons Why, I literally can’t stand it and think it’s the worst thing to have ever been aired on TV – I’m not even sure how it got to that stage!!

8.What are 5 things you couldn’t live without?

My dog

My blog (ha)

My journal

My phone (to talk to everyone)

and my car, else I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere!

9.What is your biggest fear?
Watching someone I love slowly lose interest in me.

10.Would you rather have unlimited Tacos for life or unlimited Sushi for life😂?

I actually don’t like sushi and I’m not that much of a fan of tacos either, but I’ll have to go with the latter on this one!

11.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’ll be 30 in 10 years (jeez) so my biggest goal is to have started a family by then – I literally can’t wait to be a Mum.

11.If one animal was made the size of an elephant which would be the scariest
😥 Some kind of insect because those things are literally the creepiest in minuscule size, let alone elephant size! I feel like a crab would be terrifying since some photos came out recently of literal killer crabs and they were HUGE. Honestly the freakiest things ever.
12.What would be the worst movie sequel ever made😂😂?
Can I say a sequel to 13 Reasons Why?

13.What cheesy song do you know by heart🎤

Ooh, I know lots! Probably anything S Club, though I’m definitely not afraid to admit I still love them!

14.Whats a weird but delicious food combination you’re obsessed with?

Cucumber on toast…weird, I know.

15.This one has to do with food as well because… you know, FOOD ! What would be the worst ingredient to fill a burrito with?
Either fish or mushrooms – or both!! I literally couldn’t think of anything worse.

Don’t forget to head over to Chloe’s blog for all her amazing content 💜💜

“Do something amazing”




Today’s post is a little different and I’m sure if you read the title you know why. I’ve never actually done a tag, so this is pretty much new to me!!

The Rules:

  1. Give a shoutout to the creator(me) because honestly I need more music in my life
  2. Link the person who tagged you and thank them
  3. Tag +5 people

Okay so I tag:







Without further ado, let’s get into the post!

Okay so the first few songs are by Lil Wayne because I legit grew up listening to him, coz my brother was a little obsessed and so was I.  Little 5 year old me knew the lyrics to Blunt Blowin’ and when I think about it now it actually makes me laugh. Really loud

Lolipop-Lil Wayne

Young and Beautiful-Lana del Rey

Delilah-Florence+The Machine

Bad Liar-Selena Gomez

Pop style-Drake

Cold-Maroon 5

Dark Times-The Weekend

Video Games-Lana del Rey


Paper Planes-M.I.A

Girls Like Girls-Hayley Kiyoko

Waiting Game-Banks

Powerful-Ellie Goulding


Wannabe-The Spice Girls

Stressed Out-Twenty One Pilots

You Don’t Own Me-Grace

High By The Beach-Lana del Rey


On Your Side-The Veronicas

23-Miley Cyrus

Feel It Still-Portugal.The MAN

Often-The Weeknd

Breathe(2am)-Anna Nalick

Gravel To Tempo-Hayley Kiyoko

Okay, so Gravel To Tempo is the song I dance to when  I just wanna be myself. I dance how I want to and even if my dancing sucks (which it doesn’t) there’s nobody to compare myself too coz I’m just doing me. And also Hayley Kiyoko’s music just resonates with me and I feel like her music video’s just represent her and her image and her message so well!

You Already Know-Fergie

Scars To Your Beautiful-Alessia Cara

Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke

Little Talks-Of Monsters and Men

Fake Love-Drake

See You Again-Elle King

Thunder-Imagine Dragons

Turn Down For What-DJ Snake


This song reminds me of Penguin

The Show-Lenka

Bad Thongs-Machine Gun Kelly

Can’t Remember To Forget You-Shakira


Death Of A Bachelor-Panic!At the Disco

Genesis-Dua Lipa

River-Bishop Briggs


Back to Black-Amy Winehouse

Because Amy Winehouse is solid gold!

Swalla-Jason Derulo

You’re Such A-Hailee Steinfield

Crying In The Club-Camilla Cabello

Cold Water-Justin Bieber

Purple Lamborghini-Suicide Squad

I have pretty much listened to this song every day since I first heard it!! It honestly, is that good and the lyrics are golden, this song just has such a special place in my heart!

Dear Porcupine-Melanie Martinez

-If you’re a Crybaby too, shout out to you for being awesome!

They Say I’m Different-Betty Davis

-Betty Davis is the only Queen B in my opinion.Her music is weird and wonderful,and I FEEL LIKE HER MESSAGE IS JUST HEY, LOOK AT ME I’M AMAZING, I’M FLAWED, I’M GORGEOUS, I’M A QUEEN AND I SLAYYY!

Under The Influence-Elle King

Before I Ever Met You-Banks


Wreak Havoc-Skylar Grey

Issues-Julia Michaels

But you got ’em too

Heaven Knows-The Pretty Reckless

Don’t Mind-Kent Jones

-Let’s just say they’re like 5 pages in my journal dedicated to this song and all my memories of it 

First Time-Kygo

Tell Me It’s Okay-Paramore



Ain’t It Fun-Paramore

The Only Exception-Paramore


Fake Happy-Paramore

Still Into You-Paramore

Misery Business-Paramore

Hard Times-Paramore

Pretty much anything by Paramore


Say Anymore-Kiiara


Anything by Fall Out Boy



Underground Kings-Drake


Bang Bang-Jessie J

Florida Kilos-Lana del Rey

Shades Of Cool-Lana del Rey

The Bare Necessities-Melody Gardot

You Got Me-G-Eazy

Trophies-Young Money

I Know You-Skylar Grey


Perfect Couple III-Fozzey and Vanc

Mean To Me-Delilah

Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying-Sabrina Carpenter

Lights-Ellie Goulding

Dangerous Woman-Ariana Grande

Okay so that’s all(for now) I have like 2 days’ worth of songs but I won’t share them all(right this second).

Okay I’m tired, this is like my third post today (I deleted one of them coz the poll wasn’t working). But in case you didn’t get a chance to read my glitchy post here’s a quick summary:

I need an activity to do for fun should I do

  1. Dancing
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Boxing
  4. Other(please specify in comments)

And then secondly, I’m trying to make study notes for History but I need a method that works really well. For this just comment the colour.

  • Mindmaps(blue)
  • Flashcards(orange)
  • Cornell Note Taking Technique(pink)
  • Other(please specify in comments)(green)

And also


But you’ll have to wait to find out what it is…



Great timing!

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with perfectly timed photos. You know the ones that make people look funny and are the main cause uncontrollable laughter. So I searched the internet, long and hard to present with these perfectly timed photos!

Cinnamon challenge anyone?"This is of my best friends' cinnamon challenge attempt." – emilyw46f47e20c

Someone’s hungry.

Image result for perfectly timed photos


Image result for perfectly timed photos

Coz, sometimes I laugh when people fall

Image result for perfectly timed photos

Go, through the hoop!You hear me!?

Image result for perfectly timed photos


Image result for perfectly timed photos funny



This was incredibly short, I should know, I don’t write long posts.

Hope you enjoyed,

Infinitite X’s and O’s


When your favorite tv show ends

STAGE 1:Denial

Sometimes, it’s hard to process that the biggest disaster in the world is occurring right before your eyes. So you persuade yourself that nobody would be foolish enough to mess with you like that:” This isn’t happening,it can’t be happening!I haven’t given anyone the evil eye or tripped anybody, it’s…uh…it’s…uh…a joke, yeah, a joke. There is no way they would ever end *insert show name here*” Sound familiar? You’ve just gone through the first stage and even though you would think it gets better, it doesn’t.

STAGE 2:Anger

How dare they do that to the thousands, no,no, millions of *insert show name here* fans! You know what, I am going to start a petition against… everyone! You don’t just start a show, wait for it to be loved by nations all over the world and then end it! This is an outrage! I will sue you,mhm,yeah,that’s right. You’re.Going.Down.

STAGE 3:Depression 

This is the stage where you survive on ice cream for a month. Things have been really hard for you and your friends have to check on you every few days to make sure you don’t die of brain freezia. Your friends try to coax you with promises of a new episode of GOT(Game of Thrones) but you shake your head profusely and yell that there will never be a series as good as *insert show name here*

STAGE 4:Compromise

It’s been years (jk), you have finally agreed to watch half an hour of Game of Thrones if you get ice cream later on. You sit down and find yourself still sitting a week later #new #found #love.

STAGE 5:Acceptance

Sure, you still miss everyone on *insert show name here* but ever since you discovered GOT (Game of Thrones) you don’t think of them as much as you used to. You are starting to understand that *insert show name here* ending isn’t the worst thing in the world but if GOT ended you might die from shock.

5 minutes later…


Hey, Jane! What’s up?

We need to talk. It’s about GOT.

Lol, hope you guys had fun reading that

or laughed

or smiled

or rolled your eyes at my dry humor😉😂😂

Love you❤❤❤❤


Be Different Babe