It’s been a hot minute since I last posted anything BUT I have an excuse perfectly good reason. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and I’ve been trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends surrounding it because when this launches I want it to be every bit as raw and real and incredible as I’ve been envisioning it for the past 2 months.

I started blogging because I needed a space where I didn’t feel restricted when it came to voicing my opinions and sharing my emotions and I found that, I found this amazing community of people who’ve changed my perspective about and opened my eyes to a lot of things.

I’m a better person because of those people.

From the very beginning, mental health was always something I wanted to talk about because it’s something very close to my heart and something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. Right from the get go I told myself that someday I would talk about my own issues, that, I would do it regardless of what anybody else thought because it needs to talked about. It’s something millions, if not billions of people struggle with and there’s still such a lack of understanding and awareness and of course, a stigma surrounding it.

Friday 6PM

~A series coming out in 2019 where I interview people~

We talk about things like identity, self care, loneliness, therapy, disability, high school experiences, stress, bullying, toxic relationships, friends, anxiety, depression, body image, middle school, self love and their lives(goals, who they are etc.)- that and pretty much anything else you can think of related to mental health or life

The goal, I would say, is to talk about the things that matter to us, to have a place where it’s okay to start a conversation and you don’t have to tiptoe around a subject. I can’t possibly do this alone though so, if you could:

a) Comment the name and links of someone you’d like me to interview, this can be anyone (that includes you)


b) Ask a question, about one of the above topics or any other question you want answered in the comments

it would mean a whole lot


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It’s not your birthday but we’re celebrating!!!



This is a speech I did a while back in Afrikaans, about my best friend Victoria. I love her to bits and she means the world to me, so I wanted to share this speech with you because 1) it’s probably the best speech I’ve ever written and 2) I got a really great mark on this and I really wanted this speech to be perfect so that made me super happy!!!

Untitled design (3).png

“SO this was supposed to be a speech about Conor McGregor, but there’s someone really special to me who deserves it more! Victoria Rosilan West-Russel is the most inspirational person I know. She has always been with me no matter how horrible I’ve felt.She’s the person I can call at 2am when I’m crying and the goofball who takes Snapchats of me when I’m eating candy. We talk about everything:church, food, boys, books,boys. She always sees the best in people and she’s every bit as crazy as me.She’s gonna be a world famous author,and she doesn’t even know it yet.She honestly is the most incredible person I know and I love her to bits. She’s funny and she’s kind and she’s worth so much more than she thinks she is. She deserves the world, and all the stars and all the galaxies, she deserves infinite love and friends who truly, truly know her worth.

She is my best friend and I love her.”❤

Please don’t ever forget this, I know you’ve heard this speech and so has my entire class and my Afrikaans teacher but the internet deserves to see it too 😂❤ AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!