A Week In Exams❤❤


So I thought it would be fun(a good way to procrastinate) by writing an a week in exams post because I haven’t posted anything in a while. (I wrote this like a week ago)


So today I wrote English Paper 1 and History. And then I realised I was writing Afrikaans and EMS the next day neither of which I had studied for yet. So I spent the rest of my day doing an EMS past paper even,though I write Afrikaans first and watching Youtube videos.


I wrote EMS and Afrikaans today both were 2 hours papers!!! Like I said before, we wrote Afr first and it was surprisingly easy but like I honestly was so surprised, because so far with the exams I’ve written: they’ve all been really easy and I’ve whizzed through them and written in-depth answers and I think I might actually get a good mark! Then later, we wrote EMS. There were a few questions that should’ve been easy but I had to think about because I hadn’t really studied but I calculated the mark I think I’ll get and it was like an 88% so if that actually happens, I’ll be really chuffed with myself.


Today I suffered through Math and Creative Arts. I feel like suffering is the wrong word to use but to be honest I’m slightly freaking out. Failing math, means you fail the year. It means all the work I put in was for nada and I ain’t about that life. Math was okayy I’m not overly confident about it but I’m not hysterical either, CA was pretty much the same, my drawings weren’t tooo bad, I just got stumped on a few questions that I probably should’ve known but apart from that it was pretty decent. I honestly feel like the teachers were so extra about how hard our exams were gonna be, but,like I don’t wanna jinx anything so I’ll shut up now.😂😂


Legit can’t be bothered to study. Also I kinda died inside today-way too much laughter😂😂


Lol today was so hilarious

I could not.stop.laughing.

Honestly one of the best days of my life but I’ll say no more I like this mysterious vibe😏😂

Also I’ll be doing an update once I get all my grades back so you can find out how good or bad I did with my lack of studying😋

Hope you enjoyed this completely random post about absolutely nothing😂😂

And I hope you’re all having the most amazing day?Day’s?Days?



Life is short.

Buy the dress.



 AMAZING PHOTO-Sebastian Mantel So I’ve been really busy studying but I wanted to make this post because I know, I am not the only one and exams are stressful and I believe that if you find the motivation and work hard then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from achieving an A+ THIS PART HERE […]


I’m rarely speechless so this is kinda rare for me. First of all I want to say sorry. Maybe to you but maybe more to me because I can’t be bothered. To write or do homework or study for exams that will either be the reason I get a distinction or fail and have to repeat this year.

“I had a panic attack” but those happen often enough so I won’t go into details, I started drawing this really amazing picture in art and came to the realisation that I might fail History. A lot has happened and I’m tired.I’m one link away from posting a blog post for you and I can’t be bothered anymore and I’m sorry, so sorry.Do you ever feel extremely overwhelmed and have absolutely no idea why, because it’s nothing…but it’s everything. Well that’s how I feel at the moment exams are in a few weeks so I won’t be uploading for a while but I promise that after exams I have 23 pre-written posts just waiting to be published (and hey, maybe I could do a post a day!)

So for now tired me has a lot to say but I can’t right now because I will pass. I will pass if it kills me to do so and I end up studying till 2 am, have a permanent writer’s cramp and am stressed out of my mind. I’m realising that this badass thing isn’t easy, but then again, I never wanted it to be.

Quote on mental health: Just because you are struggling doesn’t mean you’re falling. www.HealthyPlace.com



The most gruelling two weeks of my life are over and I have never been so happy and exhausted at the same time. NS (Natural Science) was awful and I left out like 90% of the questions, CA (Creative Arts) sucked as well but apart from that I did well. I GOT 91% IN HISTORY and I am so proud of myself because I haven’t done as well in history this year as I wanted to. We got our English paper 2 today after it had been marked and many people did badly, I was one of them 67%. EMS was a lot better though 83% and Afrikaans 74%, I was ecstatic because Afrikaans is a subject I struggle in, LO (Life Orientation) was amazing 87.5% and English paper 1 was 73%. I think those are all the exams we’ve gotten back so far but yay!!!

I have to pass because I like expensive things


Study tips and tricks

Exams, midterms, cycle tests, finals one thing they all have in common stress! Taking tests is always stressful even when you know all the material so here are some hacks, tips and tricks to help you improve your test results:


No matter what happens at the end of the day of you know you tried your best that’s all that matters.

▪Teach the material you need to learn.

This let’s you see, hear and hold the material if you wrote it or printed it out plus you are also saying it and that makes it a heck of a lot easier to remember.

▪Use diffent note techniques for different subjects.


▪Take breaks.

It is scientifically proven that you can only study at your best for 30-45 minutes. The length of your break is completely up to you unless you count one episode of FRIENDS as a set time😉

▪Forest is an app that you can download on your phone, it works just like Self-control except better because it involves nature.

▪Stay hydrated.

Dehydration makes it super hard to focus so mare sure to drink water while studying and during your breaks.

▪Wear comfortable clothes.

▪Make to- do lists.

▪Record yourself saying the information you have to know and then play it back.

▪ Asking your teacher for help doesn’t make you dumb just don’t do it on the day of the test.

▪Take out all the materials you will need while studying.

▪Eat brain foods/healthy foods while studying.

▪Eat breakfast during your exam week if you don’t normally eat breakfast you should, everyday.

▪Make mind maps.

▪File and label all of your old notes.

▪Write down reminders.

▪Review everything you’ve learnt so far each week.

▪Remember that you can’t base yourself on marks because even though you may not be getting the best marks you are still a kind, beautiful and extremely intelligent person.

I thinks it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love