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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics

So what happened was:

It was a normal school day, and I was being savage (as expected) with my friend who we’re going to call Peanut Butter.And we legit just walk up and down this sort of path thingy, anyway I was doing that when these girls (who are pretty much, like… okay, let’s say we’re frenemies) called me over and I was like “Hold on” to Peanut Butter and I walked to them and they’re like “Are you on your period?” and I’m like “That’s a weird question to ask, but lol, no why?” and THEN THEY WAS LIKE “There’s blood on your dress” and because I’m me I did the whole turn around and try to see thii

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And I finally understood, why it was called a heavy flow because the blood had decided to flow on the bottom “half” of my dress. Now this wouldn’t be such a huge issue


I didn’t pass my crush everyday while walking on this path and we fairly long breaks so since I pass him like over 10 times in one break I’m like freaking out because WHAT IF HE SAW but like I need to change before anyone else sees, so what happened was I ran to the office with Peanut Butter and I explained to the lady at the office what had happened and she’s like okay and she told Peanut Butter to run to the thrift shop to get me a dress and she’s like “You guys are practically the same size, so just get a dress that looks like it’ll fit you” and then she lead me into the sick room, where there were two other guys who were actually sick and stuff, so I stood against the wall and waited.

And waited,and waited.

And then Penguin comes into the office with a bunch of his friends, I legit died a little inside like, because bruhh and like thank goodness he didn’t see me in there coz that would’ve lead to questions… )so finally Peanut Butter arrives and I grab  the dress say thank you and dash to the bathroom, like Usain Bolt ain’t got nothing on me.

So I changed into this dress and I was thinking “OMG WHAT IF HE SAW!HOW MANY PEOPLE SAW!” and also I was pretty livid  bloody mad at those girls because they laughed and gossiped about it between themselves. And then later (I was still wearing the oversized dress Peanut Butter brought me) like I was sitting and they were walking past and I got up to  throw something away and they’re like laughing and giggling at me and then one of them is like “How did you mess up your dress again, isn’t that another dress.”

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And I am not an OMG that was mean I wanna cry type of girl, I’m a, now you mad me made move before I punch something (most likely you) type of girl. it sad that I said this to someone one day..? "I find that when I look at you I want to hit you with a brick... Dude, run away before I find a brick."-Arizona

This is why Arizona will forever be my spirit animal.

Anyway, then this happened:


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(In my mind)

Lol, we have a really scary principal, I ain’t about to have a one on one with her because I was educating a girl on the proper way to talk to someone.

So I was just like

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Lol, I didn’t do that either but I walked away.

And then, even though I was in agony, and in a stupid dress that was like quadruple the size of me and school finished at 2 I had to wait till 5ish before getting fetched from school.

Stupid. Irregular.Cycle.

Anywayy, if you’re a guy and you read this,

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oh my gosh what is wrong with me

lol, bye

15 Period Confessions That Literally Every Woman Can Relate To  "You know a period makes you a little irrational when the thought "if I were to stab a knife in my abdomen I would feel better" crosses your mind and seems like viable solution. "     Modern mothers created the idea of the hygienic crisis because they stressed the importance of buying the right "equipment" to avoid the dangers displayed in this image.


Also comment you’re favourite way too stop yourself from beating up mean girls, because like, lol, and also, the year is ending heyy, and people gonna see FLAMES on the last day!