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PS:Sorry this is so late.

Who else missed GIRLBOSS//GUYBOSS❤ As we all know(I think😂) every month (and I say every very lightly😂) I do a post called Girlboss/Guyboss.

Now let’s get into this post😄It’s March and we all know what that means: *remembers the time she had to schedule her posts but used to watch Netflix*

This is the first Girlboss/Guyboss post of the year and it deserves someone incredibly special and extraordinary which is why February’s Girlboss is none other than Chloe from Midnight Wanderer

So I’ve been binge-reading Chloe’s posts for a while and stalking looking at her Instagram😄And she writes LIKE YOU CANNOT IMAGINE, like,she was one of the first bloggers I followed and this was when my blog was just starting out and I look up to her so much❤But that’s enough of my endless chatter, here’s the stuff you actually want:

1.If you could jump into a pool of something what would it be?

This is an interesting one, the first thing that came into my head was a pool of glitter – because who doesn’t love that? Not sure how I’d feel about trying to get it all out of my hair afterwards though! I’d probably be a bit sparkly for a few days afterwards…

2.What inspired you to start blogging?

I was never really into the whole blogger community thing so there was never a specific person I looked at and thought wow, I want to start a blog because of them. I was more inspired by writers and people like Tia Henricks, Em Mercury etc. to create a platform where I could share my thoughts, feelings and interact with other like-minded people. So I’d say those were the people who inspired me to blog. In terms of what inspired me to blog, I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts, feelings and hopefully inspire and be inspired, I had a lot of things to say but nowhere to say it – there were a lot of stories I wanted to tell, a lot of memories I wanted to share and a lot of magic I wanted to create. I wanted to make something that I could share with others and show people like, look at what I did! I wanted to start something new and to start something for myself so, here I am.

3.What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured (try to top walking into a wall😂)? Honestly I’m probably the clumsiest person out there (I was walking backwards down a hill talking to some friends and fell straight into a dustbin once), but there are 2 things that came into mind when I read this question (thankfully they’re not recent events and only happened when I was younger) though I’m only going to mention one since the other is literally so bad, but basically I fell off the top of a slide and literally the whole of the left side of my face grazed off…meaning I was walking around for weeks where half of my face was just one big giant scab. Never have I wanted to walk round with a paper bag over my head so much.

4.What is something people would never guess about you?

Hmmm, maybe that I have a few tattoos & I’m basically obsessed with them & planning to get a load more?? I don’t look like your typical person who would have tattoos and people always seem a little surprised when they see them on me, so maybe that!

5.Finish the sentence: When I grow up I want to be_____________

HAPPY. Cliche I know, but if I’m happy then literally nothing else matters – I want to be free.

6.Who is your spirit animal?

Oh wow, the amount of times I’ve said this and suddenly I can’t think of a single person hahaha. If we’re talking about people then probably Chrissy Teigen, if we’re talking about actual animals then a sloth (or the dog with a blog – seems kinda fitting)…

7.Stranger Things or 13 Reasons Why??

Stranger Things forever!! It’s literally my favourite TV show in the world, those kids are just my favourite people on Earth I swear. As for 13 Reasons Why, I literally can’t stand it and think it’s the worst thing to have ever been aired on TV – I’m not even sure how it got to that stage!!

8.What are 5 things you couldn’t live without?

My dog

My blog (ha)

My journal

My phone (to talk to everyone)

and my car, else I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere!

9.What is your biggest fear?
Watching someone I love slowly lose interest in me.

10.Would you rather have unlimited Tacos for life or unlimited Sushi for life😂?

I actually don’t like sushi and I’m not that much of a fan of tacos either, but I’ll have to go with the latter on this one!

11.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’ll be 30 in 10 years (jeez) so my biggest goal is to have started a family by then – I literally can’t wait to be a Mum.

11.If one animal was made the size of an elephant which would be the scariest
😥 Some kind of insect because those things are literally the creepiest in minuscule size, let alone elephant size! I feel like a crab would be terrifying since some photos came out recently of literal killer crabs and they were HUGE. Honestly the freakiest things ever.
12.What would be the worst movie sequel ever made😂😂?
Can I say a sequel to 13 Reasons Why?

13.What cheesy song do you know by heart🎤

Ooh, I know lots! Probably anything S Club, though I’m definitely not afraid to admit I still love them!

14.Whats a weird but delicious food combination you’re obsessed with?

Cucumber on toast…weird, I know.

15.This one has to do with food as well because… you know, FOOD ! What would be the worst ingredient to fill a burrito with?
Either fish or mushrooms – or both!! I literally couldn’t think of anything worse.

Don’t forget to head over to Chloe’s blog for all her amazing content 💜💜

“Do something amazing”



The Outfit Challenge with Gianna & Gemini

Before I even talk about The Outfit Challenge there is something very important that you have to do and that is follow Gianna! If you haven’t checked out her blog you have to click this link because she really is an oustanding blogger and a superb friend❤

Well this is different…

I’ve never really been the type of person who was into fashion and makeup because a) I’m not allowed to wear make up b)It seems very time consuming and c) my experiences when it comes to trying on clothes are pretty much all like this.

I’ve written and re-written this post about seven times because I have no clue how to do what these fabulous beauty bloggers do:




Yet, here we are

Yup, and I’m really excited because this is something I’ve never tried before and the fashion world is constantly changing so you never know what to expect!

Before we start:

A bit about Gianna and Gemini

I’m Gianna. But I also respond when people call me “Miss Dino.

Pancakes are a breakfast you’ll find me eating in the morning, specifically blueberry pancakes.I have big dreams, but sometimes I can be a pessimist when I feel like I’m cannot succeed, but I’m mostly an optimistic person.


  • Sketching out clothing designs

This is recently a new hobby of mine, but I am not sure that this will stay a hobby-I have a feeling that it’ll grow into something bigger. It’s just been so fun for me to sit down and draw what I’m feeling, in the form of an outfit.

I have a journal chock full of sketches of clothing designs that I’ve personalized for me. Someday, just someday, I’ll hopefully be able to start a business to actually bring these sketches to life for someone to buy and most likely love.

  • Writing

Moving away from the sappy things, I also like to write in general. It’s one of the many reasons that I started a blog, and I intend on keeping my love for writing alive by blogging.

  • Doodling- usually during class-

Yes, I do blog during class. And yes, this is probably a problem, and I should stop doing this. But how? All my best ideas come while I’m in class, and I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is.

  • Leggings

In percentage form, I probably wear legging 97% of the time, and the last 3% is me wearing dresses to go to a party of somewhere fancy of the sort.

I live in the United States, but you’ll find me wishing that I lived in a more foreign and cool kind of country. I’m a teenage blogger at the ripe age of 14, and that might surprise people, but I don’t want it to make people run away from my blog. For a while, I was afraid to tell people about my age in fear that they wouldn’t read my blog. But I don’t think that my age should define me at all, so I hope all my current readers will stay and not ride away in the nearby boats.

And with all that being said, you should now understand that I’m a confident fourteen-year-old who loves to write, is such an interactive yet sometimes is an introvert, is a leggings addict since 2002, and is someone who is so excited to have you read their blog.


What is the Outfit Challenge?

The Outfit Challenge consists of you designing an outfit for someone based on their blog and the ‘vibes’ you get from reading it.

My Outfit For Gianna:

The shirt

I choose this top because white really blends in and is a super clean colour whereas the gold necklace with the top is bright and vibrant and really just !POPS!

The jeans

The jeans are like the Rachel to my Monica! #friends

Before this year, you would never have seen me near a pair of jeans. I was on Pinterest as most fabulous stories start, and I was scrolling through my feed and there it was. The most beautiful piece of artwork ever created, right there in front of me. So, I like to think that Jen Sincero (you can check her book out below) has taught me a thing or too .When I think of Gianna, I think of this bubbly, humorous firecracker.And let me just say how these jeans represent like none other!

Check it out》                           《Check it out 



And lastly comes my dream shoes:Platforms 

Straight up: SHE’S A GIRLBOSS

Platforms give this look a more edgy feel, if you know what I mean. These platforms

My main thing/idea/plan for this, was that I needed to represent all the different aspects of Gianna’s personality. And each piece added depth to it which I really love because overall it’s colourful and vibrant and edgy and I just love it!

A special thank you to Gianna for coming up with this amazing idea and to Pinterest (I wouldn’t have found the jeans without you *wipes fake tear from eye*)

The sun will rise and we will try again


Girl Talk❤

Hi, guys🖑

Today I’m doing a post with my friend Claire from Chasing Kites in Neverland!!!

Today, we’re having a talk but not just any talk a girl talk.(Now is the time to make yourself coffee)If you have any questions comment them down below! We think that it’s important to share this with y’all  (never used that word before) because it’s important to share, what you know, what you feel, what you think. This is a girl talk but share this with everyone☺


  • Why I’m too scared to go running👣

Everyday,all over the world you hear about people getting kidnapped and mugged and a lot of other scary things. We live in a world where having a million locks on your door and a high-tech alarm system is normal. The fact that I can’t even go running without the fear of something happening to me is scary and I just don’t understand… I don’t understand why this is normal. Running is my passion, it makes me happy, I hate that people can’t do the things they love because they don’t feel safe.



Why do I have to dress a certain way, act a certain way, think a certain way? Why should I let society define me and tell me what I can and cannot do? The fact that you allow people to, have that control over you sucks. ”You have to because you’re a woman” is such a stupid thing to say because I don’t have to anything, if in 2017 you’re still letting society define you that needs to stop. Be confident in yourself because at the end of the day you don’t need to look like the girl on the cover of that magazine because you are gorgeous right now!  I know who I am and who I want to be and I am so sick of society trying to define that. Today I define me! And you can try to label all those amazing men and women who don’t let society define them but those labels don’t mean anything until you accept them!

  • Eyebrows

If there’s one struggle we can all agree is real, it’s the one for good eyebrows.

(They are life right now, right?)

Basically every girl I know spends an unbelievable amount of time thinking about waxing vs threading, watching YouTube tutorials of how to achieve the perfect arch, and testing out all the products in creation to find something that will actually make their brows look ‘fleeky’. (I think this word was basically invented for eyebrows. THAT’s how important they are right now – they have their own word.)

Because somehow good eyebrows have become the new must have fashion accessory. And if you don’t have them, well, it’s easy to feel a little bit left out.

(Trust me, I understand this feeling all too well. Over the years mine haven’t just been terrible, they have been several different types of terrible. They started out being blonde and virtually invisible, to being over-plucked and clumsily pencilled on like two shoestring rainbows, to basically looking like I’d got a McDonald’s M style mono-brow resting on my forehead.)

But no matter how bad you think they are, persevere with them. Don’t settle for less than the brows you deserve. Keep practicing until have your dream ones. All that effort will be so worthwhile on the blissful day when some random girl looks at you at says, ‘wow, your brows are on point!’

  • Social Media📱

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m pretty anti-social media. I haven’t had Facebook in years, I lasted on Twitter for about a month and I haven’t even dared to try Instagram. Why?

Because I quite simply can’t handle it. Looking through endless streams of other people and their seemingly perfect lives always made me feel a little depressed. I compared myself to everyone I saw and always felt inferior because I can’t take the perfect selfie, I don’t have holiday hot dog legs (mine are too pale), and I’m not part of a squad who goes out every week and has too much fun for one picture to handle.

I realised that, so I was happy to remove myself from the realm of social media. I don’t really feel like I’m missing out too much, but I know I’m in a minority. (Seriously, how many people do you know who aren’t on some kind of social media?)

That’s because there’s a real pressure for girls (and guys!) to be on social media now. (Even my 10 year old cousin is on the countdown until she’s allowed to have Instagram!) But it’s not enough to just be on there – you almost feel like you’ve got to have a perfect life on there. Because everyone else is putting their perfect life on there.

You see the perfect selfie snap – but you don’t see the fifty other snaps with the closed eyes and bad lighting. You see the holiday hot dog legs – but you don’t see the pictures of head to toe sun burn. You see the fun squad pictures, but you don’t see the back stabbing and gossiping.

Basically, you’re only ever seeing the highlights of someone’s life – try to remember that.

  • Equal pay💲

A lot of people don’t believe this is still an issue. They automatically just think, ‘yeah, it’s 2017 now, of course everyone gets paid the same.’

If only.

On average men are still getting paid more than women. To provide a pretty scary statistic to demonstrate that…from 10th November 2016 to the beginning of 2017, women were basically working for free. Insane, right?

This. Has. Got. To. Stop.

The pressure to have the perfect body.
We’re living in a time where girls are bombarded (and I don’t use that word lightly) with ideals that make them think one of the foundations to a truly happy existence, is being 100% body perfect (I don’t use that word lightly either.) Because ‘perfect’ is the only way to be – or at least the version of ‘perfect’ that is being forced on us. (You know the one I mean. It’s not like there’s a great deal of variation in the portrayal of beauty. It’s much more a one-size-fits-all kind of standard.But I’m not here to preach; I’m in no position to do that.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve been pressured into doing some unhealthy, crazy – and even scary – things to be thinner. They’ve included working out like a maniac, drinking green tea every hour, and forgoing any food that isn’t completely devoid of taste. They became my rituals, and without them I feared that I would automatically gain three stone and my world would be over. Sounds dramatic – and more than a little bit embarrassing – but I know I’m definitely not on my own. Every girl I know has a deeply insecure relationship with their body, and their diet, to the point where being healthy isn’t a priority anymore.

I’ve learnt to be better as I’ve gotten older – but I’m nowhere near perfectly recovered from that state of mind. It still ruins my day if my jeans are too tight, and I still can’t risk weighing myself without getting obsessed. It means I can’t provide too much of a definite conclusion here, but I can say that if you ever feel like this too – you’re definitely not on your own.
I was going to leave it there, but then another one occurred to me…
It’s the shortest one, but ironically it’s actually one of the biggest.
There’s a whole load of pressures and issues that are not quite the same as any of the others. It basically in a whole league of its own, and it’s contained in everything we read, watch and – at least for me – has underpinned almost all of my thoughts since I was fourteen.
(What on Earth is that all about?!)
Maybe we’ll try and talk about it sometime. (Although maybe that would be like the blind leading the blind? Dating is SO much harder than good eyebrows.) But right now we have to go and fight over who loves Leonardo Di Caprio more. (Obviously me.)
We honestly hope you enjoyed our very first collab as much we did. (We’re both basically somewhere over the moon right now.)

When I went on camp at the beginning of the year we did this thing, to support each other and went something like this:

Round of applause-then we’d clap while moving our hands to form a circle

Seal of approval-then we’d make seal noises

and lastly

Take a bow-and you’d take a bow

Chips:And the first time I read this, that’s exactly what I did! Claire you’re an amazing writer please don’t ever stop!!!
Claire:Chips, you are equally an amazing writer. When you get to my age you will be all kinds of sensational. (I’m actually worried for how incredible you’re going to be!)

And to all of you out there, who took the time to read this: THANK YOU

Please stick around – there will be plenty more from us soon. Oh, and don’t be shy about contacting us if you want to help out with the next one. We’re always on the hunt for new friends, and we want this to reflect ALL girls – so we’d honestly love to hear from you. 😊