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How to Set, Plan and Slay Your Goals in 2018

So I’m gonna soldier talk you through this.That’s my way of saying “Find yourself a notebook badasses of the world I’m about to teach you everything you need to know about goal-setting, planning in the correct way to achieve your goals and how to FINALLY ACHIEVE whatever it is that you have your heart set on for the upcoming new year.”

So the best way to explain this is to add in all the goals I have for myself. Also before we start here are a few things you are going to need:


  • Pens
  • Highlighters(optional)
  • Paper//Notebook
  • Ruler

Step 1:Create Categories

So before we even start thinking about what we want to achieve we’re gonna make 4-5 main categories which our goals will fall under.






I find that pretty much all my goals fit into the four categories but if you want to add more, feel free. Make sure that you don’t have too many categories or it can get very stressful and overwhelming.

Step 2:Brainstorm

What are your goals? These can be about anything. Do you wanna go to gym everyday or smile more? This is the time for you to figure out what all the random goals you want to achieve are.

Write them all down, no matter how weird they may seem.

New friends           80% average                              Workout everyday          Smile more

         Six pack       Stress-free                Write book                                        Inspire people

Step 3:Organise them into categories

*Make sure that you only have 3 or four goals under each category*



  • New friends
  • 80% average
  • No stress



  • Workout everyday
  • Stay fit
  • Six pack
  • Go to the gym once a week


Self- Development

  • Laugh louder+more often
  • Be happy
  • Read more self-help books
  • Meditate




  • Post twice a week
  • Inspire young girls to live life the way they want and encourage them to shatter all the glass ceilings they want.
  • Teach girls less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings-UNKOWN

  • Make blogger friends


  • Start the damn thing hehe
  • Post once a week
  • Have fun
  • Inspire 13 year old girls going through ish and people of other ages obvi

Okay, so now that  you’ve created the goals you want to achieve, you need a step-by-step action plan in order to achieve them.

So what you’re gonna do is look at each category, let’s start with School.You’ll notice how the bullet points fit into one another.If I’m getting good grades and have friends then I would be stress free. Let’s say I am stressed though, being around friends is always a great way to relieve stress.

Now we’re gonna make a few little notes under each goal about what you need to do to achieve the goal.If you feel the need to go into more detail about what you need to do for this goal to become an actuality then I would use a page per goal.

~The notes under the goal will be about all the little things you need to do, be it changing habits, or making new ones.


School Goals-Plan

80% Average

—Take notes in class (so I keep up and don’t have to stress at the end of each term) Cough cough, now where have I heard the word stress before?Take note of the sarcasm.

—Pay attention in class

—Keep up-to-date on homework

New Friends

—Be friendly

—Don’t gossip

—Reach out to people you wanna be friends with




YAYY!!I’m so proud of you for even coming this far.The steps you’ve taken so far will have made sure the goals you’re setting are valid and things you really want for yourself; not just something you thought of in the spur of the moment.You’ve made it this far:You know exactly what it is that you want, you have a plan and an excellent post bursting full of any motivation you lack.You have all the tools you could possibly need, so what are you waiting for?

Before you leave I want to leave a few tips to help you stay ontrack with your goals.

  1. BE SPECIFIC ABOUT YOUR GOALS-what exactly do you want?how will you get there?
  2. TRY NOT TO INCLUDE TOO MANY NUMBERS-you are not a number.your happiness should not depend on a number
  3. SET REMINDERS ON YOUR PHONE ABOUT YOUR GOALS-the number of times I’ve forgotten about goals #the struggle
  4. REVIEW YOUR GOALS EVERY TWO WEEKS-this is to make sure you’re making progress with your goals regularly
  5. DON’T FEEL DOWN IF YOU DON’T ACHIEVE A GOAL-knowing that you worked hard to get there is all that matters



What are your goals for 2018?What goals did you achieve this year?What keeps you ontrack with your goals?




Everything I’m Saying Goodbye To At The End Of 2017

Hey everyone

I hope you’re all having an amazing day

So today’s post is about being happy and how you can make 2018 a happier year for you. These are a few things that I’m saying bye to because I want to be a happier person, and I think that hearing this and thinking about how it relates to you might help you aswell.

-Forget expectations

I’ve spent the past two years listening. Listening to people go on and on about how I’m too ‘unladylike’; listening to people say untrue things about me and judging me.Nobody has ever been afraid to share their opinions about me, please don’t pity me because I really don’t care about what they think😂The hardest thing about growing up is that you’re supposed to figure out who you are. It’s hard enough with social media but even harder when everyone wants to share their own peanut gallery of thoughts about your life.Tbh I’ve never cared about expectations so why would I start now?


Recently I said bye to one of my best friends.And no he isn’t dead.We’ve been friends for roughly two years now.We told each other everything, he was the first person to message me after a panic attack and make sure I was okay and the only person I wanted to rant about Shooter with.He was the first guy I genuinely cared about.When we decided it was better if weren’t friend a anymore it kinda broke me.Our friendship had been and always will be one of the best thing that ever happened to me and even though I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.It was time. I still miss him. I mean if you were trying not to have a panic attack while listening to Marvin’s Room you’d understand that better.What I’m trying to remember through all of this is that even though I’ve had to say goodbye to friends I love, true friendships will always withstand time and distance.

As for the fake ones? I handled them a loooong time ago.

sassy beyonce GIF

-Stop Holding On To The Past

It’s never easy to let go of the past because it’s what makes you you.You need to understand that whatever happened, whatever memory you’re trying to hold on to, is always gonna be there. Holding on to the past is only stopping you from living in the moment, from creating more amazing memories that you’re gonna look back on and smile about.
Goodbye past, I’ll be sure to visit soon.


You will always live in someone’s shadow if you constantly compare yourself to others. You are your own person. What good will pointing out how Sarah has longer, better looking eyelashes and higher cheekbones do?The first step to getting rid of comparison in your life is self-acceptance.Once you’re more than comfortable in your own skin you can truly start living the girl boss life you want for yourself.
Goodbye comparison you sure weren’t fun and you sure as hell won’t be missed.

-Fearing judgement

Fear can prevent you doing a lot of amazing things. In You Are A Badass, Jen refers to fear as the Big Snooze or BS for short.She’s completely right, fear is pressing the snooze button on all your dreams, It’s stopping you from achieving everything you have ever wanted to achieve.So I’m gonna challenge you to challenge one of your fears in 2018, do something you’ve never done before because you were scared.



“And so together they built a life they loved”



Instagram, Seventeen Wishes And Blogmas

Hey everyone💕

So recently, I decided to make an Instagram for Seventeen Wishes.



If I’m not already following you, don’t forget to link your account in the comment section below😊

In other news:I’m 9 days behind with Blogmas!

How has to your week been so far??Any plans for December?

Have a great day🌻



Lately I’ve Been Thinking…

Okay so recently I was reading this post by Alexandra Jane. And this was a very eye-opening post for me because I related to a lot of the things she talked about. I started Seventeen Wishes because I wanted to meet new people,I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions and have people share their thoughts and feeling with me:I wanted people to interact with.

Lately there’s been something off about Seventeen Wishes and tbh, I hate it.2018 is a new year, another chance for me to redefine what I want for this blog and for me,because this blog is a part of me as much as anything else in my life.

I want to follow people who’s posts I love reading.When I was starting this blog I followed everyone who followed me back regardless of whether or not I liked their content,because I genuinely thought it was just being nice.I’m starting to understand that I would much rather follow people whose posts I like and give them amazing feedback because I mean it.I don’t feel obligated to follow people because they follow me anymore, I spent the day unfollowing a few people because:they deserve better.They deserves followers who engage with them,love their content,smile with them,follow their journey.With the number of people I was following before I couldn’t do that.It was stressful.Now I can, and knowing that despite the fact I had to leave some bloggers on their journey temporarily I still hope for the best for them makes me feel better.

I want to post things you guys actually want to read😂Don’t get me wrong this blog is most definitely for me but I also wanna have stuff that actually interests you😂

You guys really seem to like the posts where I talk about feminism which leads to me rambling about being vegetarian😂But at the end of the day as long as it’s something I’m not clueless about *coughs and mutters makeup*

I want to learn how to take hella cute photos😂I currently have the iPhone 6 and the camera quality on here is amazing which is why I’m gonna try my best to learn more about photography so I can produce better quality photos for you guys😊Like if you guys follow Monika from Destination Humanity you know exactly what I’m talking about when I mean great photos😂SHE SLAYSS MY LIFE😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

I want a theme.A theme that won’t change for a very very long time. I’ve changed my name and my themes several times and even though I’m happy with my blog name☺️I can’t help feeling like my theme is too young and child like but still somewhat perfect for me😂Like, I want a more mature look because despite my savagery(😂😂) I am quite mature for my age but the savage side of me…she needs the childish vibes you know😂😉Any suggestions??

I would also like to follow more bloggers on Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest❤️❤️😂There’s mine,if you’re interested💛

And lastly,even though I’m not entirely sure how:I want to help out new bloggers.I know how scary it can be starting a new blog but for me it was really exciting.Getting 5 likes when I was starting out made me feel INCREDIBLE so I wanna help out new bloggers and maybe that can be my way of giving back to the blogosphere??

Any advice???Any tips,comments or thoughts?Let me know❤️❤️

Come get lost with me




This is it. It’s been a hell of year, no doubt.But as I say goodbye to some of the best memories of my short existence, life carries on. It’s the start of something new, something big is stirring but that doesn’t mean I can’t reminisce about the most unforgettable and wild year so far. So instead of me trying to put my thoughts into words: I’ll show you.



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Dont ask about the peach😂😂I know that some of you will get some of the things on here, and others won’t but I don’t wanna explain anything in this post.Every single one of those images represents something so much bigger than the tiny images you see,it’s memories with friends, and feelings, and mood swings, and tears, it’s quotes and goals…but it’s all me.86a0bde67f0696abcf6e7bc0261871b7.jpg



Non-Christmas Playlist|SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE pt.2

I hate Christmas songs.

I’m sorry, but like they just really really annoy me. Which is why instead of a Christmas playlist for Blogmas I’m doing a Non-Christmas one, you guys really seemed to like my Soundtrack To My Life post❤.Which is why I hope you love this one just as much, because I now have like 980 songs which is way more than before and I have tons to share with you😆😆

Don’t Play-Halsey

Queen Dot Kong-The Dø

Stay (Just a Little Bit More)-The Dø

🍉A friend of mine told me about the Dø and as soon as I hear Stay(Just a Little Bit More) I downloaded their entire album and have been playing it non-stop since seriously tho:if you don’t listen to anything else listen to those!!!😻They honestly have like, such a raw sound and it’s so unlike anything I’ve ever heard which is part of why I’m obsessed enjoying listening to their music so much 😂😄

Dark Side-Bishop Briggs

🍉B.B is a total badass, like after hearing River I was like dayummmmm this women is goals!!!And then I hear Dark Side and I was just like…. does this women ever stop slayyying❤❤❤

Guillotine-Jon Bellion, Travis Mendes

Her Life-Two Feet

Take Me to Church-Hozier

Before He Cheats-Carrie Underwood

Fast Car-Jasmine Thompson

Kissland– The Weeknd

Take Me to Church-Hozier

Fast Car-Jasmine Thompson

House of Balloons//Glass Table Girls -The Weeknd

Would You Be So Kind-Dodie

I Do-Gin Wigmore

Needed Me-Rihanna

Bad At Love-Halsey

The Motto-Drake

Two shots-Goody Grace

Begging for Thread-Banks

There is no better artist to listen to than Banks when you are having a bad day. She just gets me and I honestly love her and her music soo sooo much. A lot of musicians these days no names mentioned just write about stupid stuff like, okayy we get that you’re a Starboy can you go back to writing songs with meaning. Banks isn’t like them at all her words are just so beautiful. And honestly her lyrics are heart-wrenching but they are so bloody empowering!


Also the next two are meant to be there but my laptop is doing this weird thing where it’s crossing everything out.

Worst Luck-6lack

Skinny Love-Bon Iver

Unlock the Swag-Rae Sremmurd

Fuck With Myself-Banks

You Should Know Where I’m Coming From-Banks

Wasted Youth-Sody,Martin Luke Brown

Or Nah-The Weeknd

Sixteen-Chelsea Cutler

Nicest Thing-Kate Nash

Misfit-High Dive Heart

Poplar St-Glass Animals


Dèjà Vu-Rogue

Drama-Jasmine Thompson


R U Mine-Arctic Monkeys


🍉And then I discovered THE MOST AMAZING SINGER EVAHHH!!!Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:Blackbear 🍉Like, after watching Titanic I thought Leo and I were meant to be but then I heard Blackbear’s music!!!!!!!!!!It is legit, solid gold and I honestly cannot get enough😻 Like I have listened to his songs every day since I first heard them, like…. bruhhh:SOULFOOD

-If I Could I Would Feel Nothing

-Do Re Mi


-Bright Pink Tims


-Flirt Right Back

-I miss the old u


Charlie XCX


-Secret (Shhh)

Work-Iggyy Azalea

🍉PS:I didn’t make a mistake😂 I would definitely recommend listening to those three one-after-the-other.

Hayley Kiyoko


🍉Also the music video came out a few weeks ago😻😻 I’ve been listening to it like everyday and I’m still madly in love with it because it is such a great song!!!!

Hey Violet

Guys my age is like one of my favourite songs and I like a lot of songs but this one is seriously one of the best!! I would definitely recommend listening to all her albums!!!

-Guys My Age

-Like LoversDo-O.D.D

-Break my Heart


Billie Eilish


-My Boy
-Six Feet Under

-Ocean eyes


-Party favour


So, that’s it for this playlist😢but I hope you find some songs that you absolutely love and adore😉! Let me know if you wanna see a SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE PT.3 and as always leave song recommendations down below☺️


Music is my medicine