Struggles of being a Bookworm

  • Money

WHYYYYY MUST BOOKS BE SO EXPENSIVE??Now I have to decide between one copy of Turtles All The Way Down OR two really decent books that I’ve been wanting for ages.

  • Not knowing enough words

I’ve CREATED words that people actually use but I can’t come up with a synonym for amazing?


  • Using  words like “good, like” and “amazing” all the time

This wouldn’t be such an issue if I had a thesaurus *hint hint*

I actually asked for a thesaurus for Christmas and like, I told my friends and they laughed at

  • When people borrow your books and they come back RUINED

The 5th Wave. One of my ultimate favourite books. My friend begged for a week before I agreed on the condition that it came back THE SAME. But did it?NOOOOO, I got a dog-eared, dog-bitten, torn book.


  • The feels when you finish a book and you just sit there unsure of your purpose in life now that *insert fictional character name* is dead and the book is over.

That’s it for this post, it’s really short but I had fun writing it😊


“I want a boy who takes me on dates to the bookstore and buys me books instead of roses”


Are there any struggles I forgot to metion?Do you have a favourite book?Which one of these did you relate to the most?

t a guy who takes me on dates to bookstores and buys me books instead of roses


Book Review📚

Hi, everyone so as you can tell from the title this is a book review and when I started my blog this was something I really wanted to do and because we have a long weekend and I don’t have to go to school tomorrow, I decided to post this today(15 June) or tomorrow.  Recently I went shopping at one of my favourite stores and bought a book that… wait this shouldn’t be up here with the intro

I was shopping at one of my fav stores and I stumbled across three books 1)The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 3)By The Time You Read This 2)Speak

So this will be a book review about the third book because it was the last one of the three that I read

Firstly let me just say how much I loved this book it was different and meaningful, now when I say different I don’t mean it in a bad way, I mean it like wow it was refreshing.

However I had some issues because the story was good but there were some things that popped out of nowhere or were just plain dumb

  1. Jamie admitting she was messing with Lois

At some point in the book Jamie(a co-worker) admits that she was doing things purposely to make it seem like L was slacking off because of a guy, no offense but that has got to be the stupidest thing ever

2. Lois getting upset because Corey left her and then them later declaring their love for each other

Classic. “Omg he left me I’m so miserable” a few pages later (or at least that’s how it seemed) ” I love you”. Really, because he comes back she’s supposed to run into his arms and realise that they’ve always been meant to be and that there is no one else for them. While I imagine sappy love songs playing in the background uhh… NO

3. Carla not being able to stand up for herself 

Okay, so I get that in an abusive relationship you feel weak and get hurt or abused if you say something that your partner doesn’t like but can we be real for a second. She can’t tell L what’s going on and move in with her? Honestly this was the one of the parts in the book that I found to be pointless.

The fact that her dad wrote her a manual and gave her advice throughout her life till she was 30 was sweet and all but all the points above and a few others made the book meh. Tbh it was a quick read not because I enjoyed the book immensely but because I wanted to finish it so I could spend time doing things with actual relevance to my life.

download.jpg Harsh I know but the book had so much potential and it was so… disappointing.