Genesis//The Story Behind Seventeen Wishes

Hey guys!

I’m tired but I really wanted to start working on this today because I do?

You just sound lamer and lamer each day.

I know right! 

So you may be wondering why I decided to call this post Genesis? Genesis means the beginning

Interesting fact

I’ve been begging my parents to let me get a middle name *cough cough Genesis cough*

Had a little something in my throat there sorry.#sorrynotsorry



This post is basically gonna tell you about the start of Seventeen Wishes, which wasn’t always called Seventeen Wishes btw.

So when I was younger I had this blog, honestly I don’t even remeber what it was called, just know that it was bad! I deleted it and I forgot about blogging for a few years. Then  beginning of this year/  end of last year I got in trouble and basically banned from all social media and had my phone confiscated, goodybe Insta. Basically I was bored out my mnd and I was talking to my sister one day and she said that I should find like a project to work on. So bored me sat on her bed and thought and she came up with ballet, and tennis, and boxing etc. So If you’ve read my letter to Conor McGregor you know that I really wanted to boxing!! But shortly after my one and only practice trial, my dreams got shut down and no matter how hard I begged and pleaded they (my parents) kept saying No and basically it just became a cycle.


The Cycle

Then one day, I was EXTREMELY bored and I was just like: I can’t take this anymore I’m starting a blog! So at this point, I didn’t have a laptop yet so out came my mom’s tablet which got found thankfully! And I downloaded WordPress, and I legit made it up as I went along, I came up with the name in my head which at the time was More Than Just A Pretty Face, and I picked my header they were the gorgeous city lights and I wrote my first blog post.

Now I’m gonna be real with y’all and tell you that when I first started, the only way I knew how to upload photos was using the featured image thing. Now this chick didn’t know you could only have one featured image so with every photo she added to the featured image section she got rid of one, so I gave up on that and then a few attempts later I figured it out!#blessed

I wrote an about me page, used my mom’s phone to take photos and then sent them to my her tablet where I would add photos and use Pinterest. And I still remeber how excited I was when I GOT MY FIRST LIKE and then MY FIRST COMMENT and CHECKED MY STATS and let me just tell you how exciting it is to look at your stats and see who reads your blog!!

It’s legit crazy for me to think about how I went from a troublesome pre-teen to a tommorow I turn 13 year old! And watch my blog grow with me! People all over the world have read/read my blog and that’s amazing! United Kingdom, United Sates, South Africa,Indonesia, Turkey,Canada,Serbia, Germany,Romania,Spain, Cyprus! That’s not even close to all of them and it leaves me feeling more and more surprised each time!

So let me tell you a bit about the different blog names I had

1.More Than Just A Pretty Face

So I choose that name because it’s true and it applies to every single one of you(and me)! Some people like to judge you based on materialistic stuff but

You are so much than just a pretty face. And everyone needs realise that.

2.Sweeter Than Honey

This was during my blog’s transitional stage and I didn’t actually choose the name, my sister did. And then I realised there were a million blogs that pretty much had the same name so that had to go.

3.Seventeen Wishes

So there’s a bit of a cute story behind this one. So I have this friend Penguin (no, this isn’t his real name). And Penguin and I have been friends for like 2 years now, this is gonna be super cringey if my friends from school read this but…

So Penguin is one of my closest friends, like I talk to him about EVERYTHING!So his favourite number is surprise:Seventeen. So yeah, I get it, friendships get ruined, and you loose friends blah,blah blah.The whole point of having Seventeen up there is that it symbolises someone who is very special to me and has always been there for me and honestly like once you find your person don’t loose them. Like that name, isn’t changing. And then the wishes part, so I’ve always been a dreamer. Like I could show you my goals and you would find things like “Buy a Pig” or “Adopt a Unicorn” because that’s legit what’s going through my head.But yeah, the wishes part just symbolises having dreams and making wishes, and having hope and all the people who I wish were permanently on Whatsapp because I love talking to them.

So the summary: Seventeen Wishes=the best things in my life, and the worst but mainly one of my favourite quotes “And in that moment I swear we were infinite” because No regrets, right?

That was so random

I just want you guys to know that I love you, and you’re amazing!