Not a blog post but I have some Friday 6PM interviews coming up and I was wondering if you have any questions on: chronic pain, broken families, anxiety, self harm and toxic relationships.



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  1. Autism: What is one of the biggest positives of being autistic? What is the biggest challenge? What stereotypes do you come across the most?
    Toxic Relationships: When do you know that a relationship has become toxic?
    Chronic pain: How is chronic pain treated if you haven’t had a diagnosis?
    I might have some more…..I’ll let you know xxxxx ❤️

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  2. Self harm – (I don’t know if these questions would be triggering so please feel free not to use 💙) – What was the moment that you first felt you had to take your pain out on your body? What is the first step in the road to recovery? Do you hide your scars? What advice would you give someone in the same mental state you were in when you began to self harm? What support should be provided for vulnerable young people? What should you do if a friend is self-harming?

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  3. toxic relationships: i’m not in one, but i’m constantly witnessing one and how do you let the person being affected that the other person is toxic for them and is not good for them? if the person does know that the relationship they’re in is toxic, how do you let them know that it’s okay to leave? how do you make them understand that by leaving the bad relationship they’re not hurting anyone else, and in fact are bettering themselves? because the person i know who is being affected by the toxic person doesn’t seem to want to leave because they do have a family and are worried it’ll affect them. i’m all for protecting family and putting family first, but when do you realize that sometimes putting yourself first in the moment is more important than caring about someone else, especially when this person is hurting them mentally and making them feel less than? sorry this was long but i hope you do a post on this.

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    • All the toxic relationship questions are going to be answered in an upcoming Friday 6PM post. But I’ll probably end up doing a post on my own experiences with toxic relationships in the near future. Hope that helps x

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