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Don’t Let Go

Adria Tigerlily petrov

After a failed suicide attempt, Cassidy’s doctor recommends she transfers to a new school. Dakota King, the school’s bad boy knows Cassidy’s hiding something and he has every intention of finding out what, but Cassidy’s not the only one dealing with demons…

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I talked a bit about my WIP here but I was feeling really impulsive today and I was kind of just like, screw waiting I want to scream about this novel/short story/it’s still a total work in progress.

So for those of you who haven’t heard of Wattpad, it’s a really amazing internet community for readers and writers,  where you can publish your writing and read and read other writers work for free.

And as you know I’ve been working on my WIP for a few months, haven’t gotten that far because school exists, but basically I decided to publish what I have written so far on there.

It’s a first draft.

My first ever first draft when it comes to writing an actual story. Keep that in mind, at all times lol.

I’m scared that it’s not as good as I think parts of it are. But also two of my closest friends have read it and they’ve said the most incredible sweet things about it and that made me want to share it with you even more.

Because it’s something I’ve never done before and it’s new to me and exciting and terrifying all at once. But the best things always are.


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