A Week In Exams❤❤


So I thought it would be fun(a good way to procrastinate) by writing an a week in exams post because I haven’t posted anything in a while. (I wrote this like a week ago)


So today I wrote English Paper 1 and History. And then I realised I was writing Afrikaans and EMS the next day neither of which I had studied for yet. So I spent the rest of my day doing an EMS past paper even,though I write Afrikaans first and watching Youtube videos.


I wrote EMS and Afrikaans today both were 2 hours papers!!! Like I said before, we wrote Afr first and it was surprisingly easy but like I honestly was so surprised, because so far with the exams I’ve written: they’ve all been really easy and I’ve whizzed through them and written in-depth answers and I think I might actually get a good mark! Then later, we wrote EMS. There were a few questions that should’ve been easy but I had to think about because I hadn’t really studied but I calculated the mark I think I’ll get and it was like an 88% so if that actually happens, I’ll be really chuffed with myself.


Today I suffered through Math and Creative Arts. I feel like suffering is the wrong word to use but to be honest I’m slightly freaking out. Failing math, means you fail the year. It means all the work I put in was for nada and I ain’t about that life. Math was okayy I’m not overly confident about it but I’m not hysterical either, CA was pretty much the same, my drawings weren’t tooo bad, I just got stumped on a few questions that I probably should’ve known but apart from that it was pretty decent. I honestly feel like the teachers were so extra about how hard our exams were gonna be, but,like I don’t wanna jinx anything so I’ll shut up now.😂😂


Legit can’t be bothered to study. Also I kinda died inside today-way too much laughter😂😂


Lol today was so hilarious

I could not.stop.laughing.

Honestly one of the best days of my life but I’ll say no more I like this mysterious vibe😏😂

Also I’ll be doing an update once I get all my grades back so you can find out how good or bad I did with my lack of studying😋

Hope you enjoyed this completely random post about absolutely nothing😂😂

And I hope you’re all having the most amazing day?Day’s?Days?



Life is short.

Buy the dress.


9 thoughts on “A Week In Exams❤❤

  1. You worked hard, girl!
    Proud of you 😊❤️ I’m certain of your success!!

    I have LOVED catching up with your blog this morning. It’s been a horrid few weeks for me – my grandma hasn’t been well – ☹️ But reading all about my BEAUTIFUL friend has put a proud smile on my face 😊❤️🔥

    Love you! 😍❤️ Xxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chips says:

      Aww sorry about your grandma❤️❤️I’m so glad I’ve helped you feel even the tiniest bit better💕💕If you ever need to talk I’m here❤️❤️


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