F*** the notion that you need another human being to be your savior. You have your own precious and beautiful self. I promise you, that’s all you need. You just need you.

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 AMAZING PHOTO-Sebastian Mantel So I’ve been really busy studying but I wanted to make this post because I know, I am not the only one and exams are stressful and I believe that if you find the motivation and work hard then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from achieving an A+ THIS PART HERE […]

HOW TO SLAYY THE NEW YEAR//2018 Girlboss Guide

Heyy fam❤️❤️

 Let’s face it. 2017 could best be described as the struggle between blogging, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and socializing.There really wasn’t much time to get all that done and fit in time to study for exams and make study notes.

Obviously you’re gonna let school work be a priority but we all get de-motivated and procrastinate or make notes and don’t study from them.



This is the first step because this stage can make it break you. I find that writing a to-do list is always the best way to start off a productive day. Knowing that you have a set plan of what you want to achieve is only gonna make you want to get it all done.


What’s the point of doing anything if you don’t have a goal? A goal is gonna push you towards working harder for your dreams,no matter how far away it may seem.My whole thing is that I wanna inspire people. And I wanna pass math because I wanna get away from school and watch Netflix and travel and blog without any distractions.


If I go to school, unhappy about learning or listening in class, it’s gonna be really hard for me to actually get stuff done when the time comes. I love school don’t get me wrong, but I don’t love it because of work or anything, I love it because I get to see my friends. Knowing that in 10 minutes the bell is gonna ring and I can hang with my friends, is one of the only reasons I bother in NS😂


Knowing that at any second a teacher is gonna catch you talking is a great way to get you to focus, lol. But it’s been scientifically proven that if you sit in the front, your teacher just assumes that you are one of “those” students.



Not only will it make it seem like you care about learning the stuff, but it’ll help you understand and remember the topic better. Never be too afraid to ask questions, because trust me, when you know the answer to that question in the exam and everyone’s sitting there clueless, you won’t regret asking.


I’m one of those people who always seems to have their life together but like, in reality is such a mess. And like, the only reason that happens is because I spent a year watching organisation YouTube videos for fun. Honestly still obsessed with them but, the one major thing I learnt from them is that it’s important to make notes as you learn about the stuff and not wait till two days before the exam to do them. I obviously, being me, didn’t make notes throughout the year for all of my subjects. But for the really content-heavy stuff like EMS, History and NS I did, and that saved me so much time. Because when everyone got their study notes they had to do everything and I was having such a joll because I’d done over half of it.

Also these aren’t my study notes because I’m on holiday in Australia and I don’t need them so I left them at hometumblr_nmirfudga81u9hg3jo1_1280-1.jpg


THE TEDDY BEAR METHOD4857d2f92eca6c6a28ea51783fcd74dc7b0ed4ed_hq.jpg How it works: You place gummy bears or any other sweet of your choice at the end of every paragraph.When you’re studying the information, as soon as you’ve studied a section and reached a gummy bear you get to eat it.


How it works: You read through a page in your textbook once or twice, close it and quickly write down everything you remember.You then, re-open the textbook and add the bits of info you forgot in a different colour.


Finding out which type of learner you are can help you find the study methods that work best for you.I’m a visual and auditory learner, mostly visual.So I’m gonna break it down so it looks aesthetically pleasing and isn’t just a bland paragraph looking thing. What am I even saying 😂😂

Visual learner

  • Learns best by seeing things
  • Flashcards, colour, diagrams, charts

Kinesthetic learner

  • Learns best by movement
  • Walk around while revising, use games or activities to help you remember,toss a tennis ball around while studying

Auditory Learner

  • Learns best by hearing
  • Study groups, reading aloud, videos,recording yourself and playing it back

NOTE TAKING There are so many different ways to go when it comes to making study notes: flashcards, mind maps, bullet pointing

So this is the Cornell Note Taking technique, the thing I love the most about this, is how visually appealing it is.I tried it for a bit and I loved it so much and then I lost my ruler so😂


PS:If you wanna see more ways of taking notes comment the word “blue” down below

img_0602-1How long do you study for? Favourite subject? Would you like to see a part 2? Are you following my socials? What type of learner are you??


Never stop dreaming



WOW, let’s just say this is an interesting topic…

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics

So what happened was:

It was a normal school day, and I was being savage (as expected) with my friend who we’re going to call Peanut Butter.And we legit just walk up and down this sort of path thingy, anyway I was doing that when these girls (who are pretty much, like… okay, let’s say we’re frenemies) called me over and I was like “Hold on” to Peanut Butter and I walked to them and they’re like “Are you on your period?” and I’m like “That’s a weird question to ask, but lol, no why?” and THEN THEY WAS LIKE “There’s blood on your dress” and because I’m me I did the whole turn around and try to see thii

 dog the simpsons episode 12 season 19 19x12 GIF

And I finally understood, why it was called a heavy flow because the blood had decided to flow on the bottom “half” of my dress. Now this wouldn’t be such a huge issue


I didn’t pass my crush everyday while walking on this path and we fairly long breaks so since I pass him like over 10 times in one break I’m like freaking out because WHAT IF HE SAW but like I need to change before anyone else sees, so what happened was I ran to the office with Peanut Butter and I explained to the lady at the office what had happened and she’s like okay and she told Peanut Butter to run to the thrift shop to get me a dress and she’s like “You guys are practically the same size, so just get a dress that looks like it’ll fit you” and then she lead me into the sick room, where there were two other guys who were actually sick and stuff, so I stood against the wall and waited.

And waited,and waited.

And then Penguin comes into the office with a bunch of his friends, I legit died a little inside like, because bruhh and like thank goodness he didn’t see me in there coz that would’ve lead to questions… )so finally Peanut Butter arrives and I grab  the dress say thank you and dash to the bathroom, like Usain Bolt ain’t got nothing on me.

So I changed into this dress and I was thinking “OMG WHAT IF HE SAW!HOW MANY PEOPLE SAW!” and also I was pretty livid  bloody mad at those girls because they laughed and gossiped about it between themselves. And then later (I was still wearing the oversized dress Peanut Butter brought me) like I was sitting and they were walking past and I got up to  throw something away and they’re like laughing and giggling at me and then one of them is like “How did you mess up your dress again, isn’t that another dress.”

 stupid brain idiot dumb the wiz GIF

And I am not an OMG that was mean I wanna cry type of girl, I’m a, now you mad me made move before I punch something (most likely you) type of girl. it sad that I said this to someone one day..? "I find that when I look at you I want to hit you with a brick... Dude, run away before I find a brick."-Arizona

This is why Arizona will forever be my spirit animal.

Anyway, then this happened:


 fighting mean girls lindsay lohan mean girls movie cady heron GIF

(In my mind)

Lol, we have a really scary principal, I ain’t about to have a one on one with her because I was educating a girl on the proper way to talk to someone.

So I was just like

 beyonce beyonce walk hella sassy GIF beyonce beyonce walk hella sassy GIF

Lol, I didn’t do that either but I walked away.

And then, even though I was in agony, and in a stupid dress that was like quadruple the size of me and school finished at 2 I had to wait till 5ish before getting fetched from school.

Stupid. Irregular.Cycle.

Anywayy, if you’re a guy and you read this,

 comedy central lol laugh laughing haha GIF

oh my gosh what is wrong with me

lol, bye

15 Period Confessions That Literally Every Woman Can Relate To  "You know a period makes you a little irrational when the thought "if I were to stab a knife in my abdomen I would feel better" crosses your mind and seems like viable solution. "     Modern mothers created the idea of the hygienic crisis because they stressed the importance of buying the right "equipment" to avoid the dangers displayed in this image.


Also comment you’re favourite way too stop yourself from beating up mean girls, because like, lol, and also, the year is ending heyy, and people gonna see FLAMES on the last day!


I’m rarely speechless so this is kinda rare for me. First of all I want to say sorry. Maybe to you but maybe more to me because I can’t be bothered. To write or do homework or study for exams that will either be the reason I get a distinction or fail and have to repeat this year.

“I had a panic attack” but those happen often enough so I won’t go into details, I started drawing this really amazing picture in art and came to the realisation that I might fail History. A lot has happened and I’m tired.I’m one link away from posting a blog post for you and I can’t be bothered anymore and I’m sorry, so sorry.Do you ever feel extremely overwhelmed and have absolutely no idea why, because it’s nothing…but it’s everything. Well that’s how I feel at the moment exams are in a few weeks so I won’t be uploading for a while but I promise that after exams I have 23 pre-written posts just waiting to be published (and hey, maybe I could do a post a day!)

So for now tired me has a lot to say but I can’t right now because I will pass. I will pass if it kills me to do so and I end up studying till 2 am, have a permanent writer’s cramp and am stressed out of my mind. I’m realising that this badass thing isn’t easy, but then again, I never wanted it to be.

Quote on mental health: Just because you are struggling doesn’t mean you’re falling.


Mystery Blogger Award



Heyyyy! I’m really excited about this post because it was my first nomination ever and it came from my friend bestie Elizabeth!

Okay so first, you guys seriously need to check out her blog because she’s friggen’ awesome!!!

This tag was created by Okoto Enigma

So let’s start with the rules:


• Feature the award logo / image on your post.
• List the rules.
• Thank the blogger that nominated you.
• Tell the readers 3 things about yourself.
• Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
• Answer the questions provided.
• Nominate 10-20 bloggers and notify them by commenting on their blog.
• Ask the nominees 5 questions of my choice with one weird / funny question
• Share and link to your best post(s)


  • I’m a vegetarian
  • I’ve always wanted to change my name to Alaska or Arizona
  • I’m in love with Klaus from the Originals


1. What’s the best thing that has happened to you recently ?

2. What do you love most about blogging?

3. If asked to wear one color for the rest of your life what would it be?

4. What food do you see others enjoy that you never dream of eating?

5. If you found out you are to die tomorrow what regrets would you have ?


  1. The best thing that’s happened to me recently? That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say reconnecting with a friend I had a fight with and reading and replying to all the lovely comments I’ve been receiving about my “So This Happened” post!
  2. Oh my, the questions just keep getting harder. Uhm, I love the idea that somehow I inspire people and also the fact that I’ve made some pretty amazing friends along the way! Reading other people’s blogs has also been huge fun, just a quick shoutout to all y’all coz you’re the best and I love you!!
  3. BLUE! BLUE! BLUE!BLUE! AND MORE BLUE! Also I just realised I don’t own anything blue. Which is ironic seeing as it’s my favourite colour.

4.Sushi. I have this one memory that I can’t get over and it like still haunts me. I was in grade 1 and we were talking about our favourite foods with the teacher in class. And this one boy who we’re going to call Pumpkin, says “My favourite food is Sushi!”  and little, mean, ignorant me decided to say, in the loudest voice EVER “BLEURGH!! SUSHI’S THE MOST DISGUSTING THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!” And the teacher, my favourite teacher in the entire world looked at me and said, “That isn’t very nice” and those 4 words broke my heart. After that I apologised to Pumpkin, but ever since that day I’ve remembered that moment. Funny enough, I had never tried Sushi when I said that and then I did.


But in one simple sentence, my favourite food is Sushi.

5.I have many motto’s in life but this is one that’s stuck with me throughout:

“No regrets”

Sure I could’ve done more but I lived a bloody awesome life, so regrets? They don’t exist for me.



  1. What is one thing you need to forgive yourself for?
  2. Would you ever break the law to save a loved one?
  3. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
  4. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
  5. What’s your favourite place to go to?
  6. Would you rather eat chocolate flavoured poop or poop flavoured chocolate?


My Best Post:

I’ve written loads of amazing blog posts, tbh ever since I started this blog I’ve written A LOT MORE than what I’m used to. I’ve worked with so many wonderful bloggers and I’ve written pieces about the randomest things that have ended up blowing me away!

1.Girl Talk 

This was my first ever collab and it was with someone very special to me, Claire. And I remember feeling so proud when I pressed that publish button, and we both worked super hard on it and it really is just a testament to how great of a writer she is! I look up to her so much, and she honestly is one of my biggest inspirations plus I lover her to bits!

2. So this happened

You guys showed so much support about the whole post, the comments legit left me gobsmacked! Also I’ve never used that word in my life(proof of your awesomeness). I didn’t plan the post, I just watched a video, sat down on my bed, wrote a blog post about my thoughts and I got some of the kindest, sweetest, funniest comments I have EVER read! You guys really are the best!!!

3. All the others

I have so many memories about the random stuff I’ve got to share with you, honestly those are my kind of memories ❤ Starting this blog has been such a big step and also the fact that all this started because I was bored is pretty astounding. So to all you were bored and found this blog remember: great things come from boredom and ice-cream,but mostly ice-cream.

Untitled design (1).png

I hope you enjoyed this, it was really fun to make and I know it’s sounds weird or lame or whatever but I feel so honoured that anyone would ever think of nominating me for a tag! So thanks, again Elizabeth xx

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments(I’m thinking of doing a Q and A)

Also today’s my birthday!Now I can actually tell people I’m 13 without my mom going “She’s twelve.”

Cheezburger excited nice applause crowd GIF

If today’s your birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! If it’s not, sorry. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it’s 2 am so I’m going back to bed!!


Escape the ordinary x


Genesis//The Story Behind Seventeen Wishes

Hey guys!

I’m tired but I really wanted to start working on this today because I do?

You just sound lamer and lamer each day.

I know right! 

So you may be wondering why I decided to call this post Genesis? Genesis means the beginning

Interesting fact

I’ve been begging my parents to let me get a middle name *cough cough Genesis cough*

Had a little something in my throat there sorry.#sorrynotsorry



This post is basically gonna tell you about the start of Seventeen Wishes, which wasn’t always called Seventeen Wishes btw.

So when I was younger I had this blog, honestly I don’t even remeber what it was called, just know that it was bad! I deleted it and I forgot about blogging for a few years. Then  beginning of this year/  end of last year I got in trouble and basically banned from all social media and had my phone confiscated, goodybe Insta. Basically I was bored out my mnd and I was talking to my sister one day and she said that I should find like a project to work on. So bored me sat on her bed and thought and she came up with ballet, and tennis, and boxing etc. So If you’ve read my letter to Conor McGregor you know that I really wanted to boxing!! But shortly after my one and only practice trial, my dreams got shut down and no matter how hard I begged and pleaded they (my parents) kept saying No and basically it just became a cycle.


The Cycle

Then one day, I was EXTREMELY bored and I was just like: I can’t take this anymore I’m starting a blog! So at this point, I didn’t have a laptop yet so out came my mom’s tablet which got found thankfully! And I downloaded WordPress, and I legit made it up as I went along, I came up with the name in my head which at the time was More Than Just A Pretty Face, and I picked my header they were the gorgeous city lights and I wrote my first blog post.

Now I’m gonna be real with y’all and tell you that when I first started, the only way I knew how to upload photos was using the featured image thing. Now this chick didn’t know you could only have one featured image so with every photo she added to the featured image section she got rid of one, so I gave up on that and then a few attempts later I figured it out!#blessed

I wrote an about me page, used my mom’s phone to take photos and then sent them to my her tablet where I would add photos and use Pinterest. And I still remeber how excited I was when I GOT MY FIRST LIKE and then MY FIRST COMMENT and CHECKED MY STATS and let me just tell you how exciting it is to look at your stats and see who reads your blog!!

It’s legit crazy for me to think about how I went from a troublesome pre-teen to a tommorow I turn 13 year old! And watch my blog grow with me! People all over the world have read/read my blog and that’s amazing! United Kingdom, United Sates, South Africa,Indonesia, Turkey,Canada,Serbia, Germany,Romania,Spain, Cyprus! That’s not even close to all of them and it leaves me feeling more and more surprised each time!

So let me tell you a bit about the different blog names I had

1.More Than Just A Pretty Face

So I choose that name because it’s true and it applies to every single one of you(and me)! Some people like to judge you based on materialistic stuff but

You are so much than just a pretty face. And everyone needs realise that.

2.Sweeter Than Honey

This was during my blog’s transitional stage and I didn’t actually choose the name, my sister did. And then I realised there were a million blogs that pretty much had the same name so that had to go.

3.Seventeen Wishes

So there’s a bit of a cute story behind this one. So I have this friend Penguin (no, this isn’t his real name). And Penguin and I have been friends for like 2 years now, this is gonna be super cringey if my friends from school read this but…

So Penguin is one of my closest friends, like I talk to him about EVERYTHING!So his favourite number is surprise:Seventeen. So yeah, I get it, friendships get ruined, and you loose friends blah,blah blah.The whole point of having Seventeen up there is that it symbolises someone who is very special to me and has always been there for me and honestly like once you find your person don’t loose them. Like that name, isn’t changing. And then the wishes part, so I’ve always been a dreamer. Like I could show you my goals and you would find things like “Buy a Pig” or “Adopt a Unicorn” because that’s legit what’s going through my head.But yeah, the wishes part just symbolises having dreams and making wishes, and having hope and all the people who I wish were permanently on Whatsapp because I love talking to them.

So the summary: Seventeen Wishes=the best things in my life, and the worst but mainly one of my favourite quotes “And in that moment I swear we were infinite” because No regrets, right?

That was so random

I just want you guys to know that I love you, and you’re amazing!