This weekend was a long weekend and my mom decided that we were gonna have a mini vaycay visiting my brother because his birthday is tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO(even though you don’t read my blog)! So yesterday we got settled in, bought a few things (a swimming costume for me because I forgot to pack one), slept because the two-hour drive was EXHAUSTING! Then today, we met up witha whole bunch of people my brother knows. And then we went to this really cool café deMILKo and they have like this book exchange thing where they’re books on the shelves and you take like one or two and then you bring back a different book and pretty much anyone can do it so I GOT A NEW BOOK!

*Also I forgot to tell you but… I FINISHED MILK AND HONEY!*

Yeah, you also forgot to tell them you ever bought the book, but hey, surprises right! And then we walked around the mall for a bit came back to the place we’re staying at and then I swam and wrote a bit for an upcoming TOP SECRET blog post, took a bunch of photos, read my book and I wrote a page of notes for History! So today’s been a great day! I haven’t done much studying study-note-writing this weekend because it’s like my chill weekend before I really get into studying, but I finished my Term 3 Geography Notes and half of my Math so it’s just a chilled day today. Also I’m going for a walk soon because it’s safe too walk around on the sidewalk here!!!!

Here are some random pics of my day so far!


SHOUTOUT TO MY MOM FOR THE LAST ONE (lol,we tried like 20 times)

Hope you’re having a beautiful sun-shiney day. May your laughter be loud and your eyebrows on fleek (lol, new phrase?)

She was a rose

in the hands of those

who had no intention

of keeping her

-Rupi Kaur



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