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Let’s not beat around the bush. I was disappointed to be honest.

I started reading the books when I was like 7, or maybe that’s an exaggeration but I was really young. I read every book, multiple times! And it’s just disappointing because you read something and to you it seems magical, like, it’s this whole other world that you’re suddenly transported into and apart of!The bond you form with a story or a book or a novel or a series is special! It’s supposed to be special! That’s the biggest reason, I think, that I’m disappointed:The series didn’t have that connection with the audience(or me at least)

Okay, so before I go on let’s give you a little insight about the book/series and what it’s about.

So basically it tells the story of three siblings, Violet, Sunny and Klaus. One day they’re at this beach and they get told by Mr. Poe (their parent’s banker) that they’re parents have died in a terrible fire and that they have no home, like no clothes, pretty much nothing. So basically they were rich, and they’re left with this fortune that they get access to once Violet (the eldest of the three) is of age, so because they’re orphans they obviously need a home now so they get sent to a distant relative(Count Olaf).  Now, this relative that they’re sent to live with is evil, and it’s not like Annabelle evil ( lol that would’ve petrifying) but he’s a criminal and a thief and he has this plan to get hold of their fortune. So basically throughout the series it describes all the unfortunate events the children go through and have to find ways out of (TO SURVIVE) because of Count Olaf, and it’s not like Mr Poe is an idiot or anything, so eventually he realizes that this Olaf guy is like crazy. And the thing is despite the fact that the children get moved to different homes this guy keeps finding them and it’s not like he works alone. There’s this hook-handed man, the two powder faced women, someone who looks like neither a man or woman and a bunch of others, they really are, just the most awful people and they all work for Count Olaf. And even though it doesn’t sound like your type of series, it didn’t seem like mine. Until it was.

Back to the Netflix series.


Deep breath

The book no doubt about it was a 10. And I’ve never actually done like a proper book review BUT TRUST ME WHEN I SAY I READ! And I don’t just mean like “Oh, okay she reads so do I, like I read People magazine yesterday.” No, like I mean I’m the chick who is always reading something, has a book to recommend, spent the last ten minutes crying after reading TFIOS again. I’m the chick who stays stuff like “There’s always a hamartia.” when my friends like forget something or and yes before you ask I am obsessed with John Green. And if you’re watching the movie before you read the book or don’t bother to read the book because you watched the movie

Honey, we gon’ have some serious beef!



Okay… I think I went on for a bit there. What I was saying was that, Netflix, dear Netflix, you’ve let me down. And being 100% honest here I’ve got to say that:

The book was a 10

The movie was a 4 and a 1/2

And the Netflix series?

Was a 1.

I do however have one series that I’m nuts about and it’s down below, so keep reading.

So here are some art thingies from the book? I don’t know, what do you call them? Aesthetics? Graphics? Pictures?

Image result for hook handed man a series of unfortunate events Image result for powdered face women a series of unfortunate events

From the movie:

Image result for series of unfortunate events movie   Image result for series of unfortunate events movie


Image result for series of unfortunate events movie   Image result for series of unfortunate events netflix

 Moving on…



Also if you guys liked this please let me know down below, like I didn’t think I would ever do reviews because I feel like I can’t describe well or am a good reviewer. But I did have fun doing this so, I don’t know, maybe I’ll do some more?

As always



“It’s time to choose yourself”

And also I’m feeling super hyper so comment your favourite sweet as well!


6 thoughts on “A Series Of Unfortunate Events|Netflix-Review

  1. I loved the book series, they were my favorite, and still are my favorite!! One of the best book series next to Harry Potter of course!
    I haven’t watched the movie, but this review has suddenly made me interested in doing so.
    Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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