I don’t think I have ever been this excited about ANYTHING! I woke up this morning and all I did, for 20 minutes, was dance! And then I got to school (in the morning, the dance is around like, 6pm) and even though it was civvies and cake and candy (the best opportunity to pig out), I was hyper even without the candy. I spent my day laughing with friends and smiling and I don’t know why but I’m laughing right now! And my friends looked at me like I was crazier than usual and I couldn’t stop laughing, I spent ten minutes laughing about Pringles. And I’m dancing in my room like a true savage because I know tonight is going to be magical! So I hope this makes up for the posts that weren’t exactly the best,I feel like you met my true, hyper, crazy self today and you’ll be seeing her very often from now on!

50 Hilarious Pictures That Will Make Your Day.




3 thoughts on “THE SPRING DANCE!!!!!

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