I recently got a new header on my that I designed today and I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud.) Honestly, none of this would have been possible if I hadn’t stumbled upon an amazing post a month or so ago ( I’m actually really annoyed with myself because I can’t find it, but to the wonderful person who wrote the post:thank you so much!The app I used to design this is called Canva and the template on there isn’t the right size for WordPress, so I had to customise it but apart from that it really doesn’t take a manual and ten tabs to figure out how to us it =GREAT!  Desygner is another app I love to use and because I no longer have an iPhone, I can’t download the Canva app so I use Desygner instead. I love it because it really is easy to use and the templates on there are gorgeous! And in case you were wondering there are a few more changes that I want to make and will make but for now I wanna focus on posting great content (there are some collabs on the way) and (are you ready!?)

I actually planned my posts in advance

(This is when you start singing “For the first time in forever!” )

That’s it for know because I really should be sleeping (cross-country tomorrow)

Have a terrific week!!!

Be yourself, babe



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