Athletics Update: 6 kilometres

I didn’t make the athletics team, but I’m over that.

I did join cross-country though and that’s where the 6 kilometres comes in. 2017 = “Make a Splash (That’s my theme for this year) which is why I’m doing a bunch of stuff I’ve never done before, like cross country. Cross country has practice on Mondays and Tuesdays with meets on Thursdays and I only joined because a)my ride was late and b) a few of my friends do cross country and lastly, c) because I was bored. Running around a track feels a lot shorter than running around a school, anyway today was my first meet. We walked the route before the race and my legs hurt for like, the first km but after that they started adapting to it I guess.#noregrets! I was with my friend Blueberry(no this isn’t her real name for all of you thinking all my friends are named after food) and we agreed to stick together.

We didn’t stick together.

I’m generally better at long distance than she is but I’ve never ran more than 2 km at once and she’s been doing cross-country for 2 years know, I think. Although she left me, I saw someone I knew from my old school and we talked while we were running and then I left her and started jogging faster.

78, ain’t that bad.♥♥♥

Walking back to our spot was the longest walk ever, I was completely and utterly exhausted! I’m going to keep doing it though because “your only limit is yourself” and because I can’t wait to say that I came *insert dream placing here*. It was actually really fun, I saw my cousin, she was running and then on the bus we talked about the most random things and I couldn’t stop laughing !All in all

what a weird thing to say


I can’t wait for the next meet!




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