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Today I’m doing a post with my friend Claire from Chasing Kites in Neverland!!!

Today, we’re having a talk but not just any talk a girl talk.(Now is the time to make yourself coffee)If you have any questions comment them down below! We think that it’s important to share this with y’all  (never used that word before) because it’s important to share, what you know, what you feel, what you think. This is a girl talk but share this with everyone☺


  • Why I’m too scared to go running👣

Everyday,all over the world you hear about people getting kidnapped and mugged and a lot of other scary things. We live in a world where having a million locks on your door and a high-tech alarm system is normal. The fact that I can’t even go running without the fear of something happening to me is scary and I just don’t understand… I don’t understand why this is normal. Running is my passion, it makes me happy, I hate that people can’t do the things they love because they don’t feel safe.



Why do I have to dress a certain way, act a certain way, think a certain way? Why should I let society define me and tell me what I can and cannot do? The fact that you allow people to, have that control over you sucks. ”You have to because you’re a woman” is such a stupid thing to say because I don’t have to anything, if in 2017 you’re still letting society define you that needs to stop. Be confident in yourself because at the end of the day you don’t need to look like the girl on the cover of that magazine because you are gorgeous right now!  I know who I am and who I want to be and I am so sick of society trying to define that. Today I define me! And you can try to label all those amazing men and women who don’t let society define them but those labels don’t mean anything until you accept them!

  • Eyebrows

If there’s one struggle we can all agree is real, it’s the one for good eyebrows.

(They are life right now, right?)

Basically every girl I know spends an unbelievable amount of time thinking about waxing vs threading, watching YouTube tutorials of how to achieve the perfect arch, and testing out all the products in creation to find something that will actually make their brows look ‘fleeky’. (I think this word was basically invented for eyebrows. THAT’s how important they are right now – they have their own word.)

Because somehow good eyebrows have become the new must have fashion accessory. And if you don’t have them, well, it’s easy to feel a little bit left out.

(Trust me, I understand this feeling all too well. Over the years mine haven’t just been terrible, they have been several different types of terrible. They started out being blonde and virtually invisible, to being over-plucked and clumsily pencilled on like two shoestring rainbows, to basically looking like I’d got a McDonald’s M style mono-brow resting on my forehead.)

But no matter how bad you think they are, persevere with them. Don’t settle for less than the brows you deserve. Keep practicing until have your dream ones. All that effort will be so worthwhile on the blissful day when some random girl looks at you at says, ‘wow, your brows are on point!’

  • Social Media📱

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m pretty anti-social media. I haven’t had Facebook in years, I lasted on Twitter for about a month and I haven’t even dared to try Instagram. Why?

Because I quite simply can’t handle it. Looking through endless streams of other people and their seemingly perfect lives always made me feel a little depressed. I compared myself to everyone I saw and always felt inferior because I can’t take the perfect selfie, I don’t have holiday hot dog legs (mine are too pale), and I’m not part of a squad who goes out every week and has too much fun for one picture to handle.

I realised that, so I was happy to remove myself from the realm of social media. I don’t really feel like I’m missing out too much, but I know I’m in a minority. (Seriously, how many people do you know who aren’t on some kind of social media?)

That’s because there’s a real pressure for girls (and guys!) to be on social media now. (Even my 10 year old cousin is on the countdown until she’s allowed to have Instagram!) But it’s not enough to just be on there – you almost feel like you’ve got to have a perfect life on there. Because everyone else is putting their perfect life on there.

You see the perfect selfie snap – but you don’t see the fifty other snaps with the closed eyes and bad lighting. You see the holiday hot dog legs – but you don’t see the pictures of head to toe sun burn. You see the fun squad pictures, but you don’t see the back stabbing and gossiping.

Basically, you’re only ever seeing the highlights of someone’s life – try to remember that.

  • Equal pay💲

A lot of people don’t believe this is still an issue. They automatically just think, ‘yeah, it’s 2017 now, of course everyone gets paid the same.’

If only.

On average men are still getting paid more than women. To provide a pretty scary statistic to demonstrate that…from 10th November 2016 to the beginning of 2017, women were basically working for free. Insane, right?

This. Has. Got. To. Stop.

The pressure to have the perfect body.
We’re living in a time where girls are bombarded (and I don’t use that word lightly) with ideals that make them think one of the foundations to a truly happy existence, is being 100% body perfect (I don’t use that word lightly either.) Because ‘perfect’ is the only way to be – or at least the version of ‘perfect’ that is being forced on us. (You know the one I mean. It’s not like there’s a great deal of variation in the portrayal of beauty. It’s much more a one-size-fits-all kind of standard.But I’m not here to preach; I’m in no position to do that.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve been pressured into doing some unhealthy, crazy – and even scary – things to be thinner. They’ve included working out like a maniac, drinking green tea every hour, and forgoing any food that isn’t completely devoid of taste. They became my rituals, and without them I feared that I would automatically gain three stone and my world would be over. Sounds dramatic – and more than a little bit embarrassing – but I know I’m definitely not on my own. Every girl I know has a deeply insecure relationship with their body, and their diet, to the point where being healthy isn’t a priority anymore.

I’ve learnt to be better as I’ve gotten older – but I’m nowhere near perfectly recovered from that state of mind. It still ruins my day if my jeans are too tight, and I still can’t risk weighing myself without getting obsessed. It means I can’t provide too much of a definite conclusion here, but I can say that if you ever feel like this too – you’re definitely not on your own.
I was going to leave it there, but then another one occurred to me…
It’s the shortest one, but ironically it’s actually one of the biggest.
There’s a whole load of pressures and issues that are not quite the same as any of the others. It basically in a whole league of its own, and it’s contained in everything we read, watch and – at least for me – has underpinned almost all of my thoughts since I was fourteen.
(What on Earth is that all about?!)
Maybe we’ll try and talk about it sometime. (Although maybe that would be like the blind leading the blind? Dating is SO much harder than good eyebrows.) But right now we have to go and fight over who loves Leonardo Di Caprio more. (Obviously me.)
We honestly hope you enjoyed our very first collab as much we did. (We’re both basically somewhere over the moon right now.)

When I went on camp at the beginning of the year we did this thing, to support each other and went something like this:

Round of applause-then we’d clap while moving our hands to form a circle

Seal of approval-then we’d make seal noises

and lastly

Take a bow-and you’d take a bow

Chips:And the first time I read this, that’s exactly what I did! Claire you’re an amazing writer please don’t ever stop!!!
Claire:Chips, you are equally an amazing writer. When you get to my age you will be all kinds of sensational. (I’m actually worried for how incredible you’re going to be!)

And to all of you out there, who took the time to read this: THANK YOU

Please stick around – there will be plenty more from us soon. Oh, and don’t be shy about contacting us if you want to help out with the next one. We’re always on the hunt for new friends, and we want this to reflect ALL girls – so we’d honestly love to hear from you. 😊


Great timing!

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with perfectly timed photos. You know the ones that make people look funny and are the main cause uncontrollable laughter. So I searched the internet, long and hard to present with these perfectly timed photos!

Cinnamon challenge anyone?"This is of my best friends' cinnamon challenge attempt." – emilyw46f47e20c

Someone’s hungry.

Image result for perfectly timed photos


Image result for perfectly timed photos

Coz, sometimes I laugh when people fall

Image result for perfectly timed photos

Go, through the hoop!You hear me!?

Image result for perfectly timed photos


Image result for perfectly timed photos funny



This was incredibly short, I should know, I don’t write long posts.

Hope you enjoyed,

Infinitite X’s and O’s



When your favorite tv show ends

STAGE 1:Denial

Sometimes, it’s hard to process that the biggest disaster in the world is occurring right before your eyes. So you persuade yourself that nobody would be foolish enough to mess with you like that:” This isn’t happening,it can’t be happening!I haven’t given anyone the evil eye or tripped anybody, it’s…uh…it’s…uh…a joke, yeah, a joke. There is no way they would ever end *insert show name here*” Sound familiar? You’ve just gone through the first stage and even though you would think it gets better, it doesn’t.

STAGE 2:Anger

How dare they do that to the thousands, no,no, millions of *insert show name here* fans! You know what, I am going to start a petition against… everyone! You don’t just start a show, wait for it to be loved by nations all over the world and then end it! This is an outrage! I will sue you,mhm,yeah,that’s right. You’re.Going.Down.

STAGE 3:Depression 

This is the stage where you survive on ice cream for a month. Things have been really hard for you and your friends have to check on you every few days to make sure you don’t die of brain freezia. Your friends try to coax you with promises of a new episode of GOT(Game of Thrones) but you shake your head profusely and yell that there will never be a series as good as *insert show name here*

STAGE 4:Compromise

It’s been years (jk), you have finally agreed to watch half an hour of Game of Thrones if you get ice cream later on. You sit down and find yourself still sitting a week later #new #found #love.

STAGE 5:Acceptance

Sure, you still miss everyone on *insert show name here* but ever since you discovered GOT (Game of Thrones) you don’t think of them as much as you used to. You are starting to understand that *insert show name here* ending isn’t the worst thing in the world but if GOT ended you might die from shock.

5 minutes later…


Hey, Jane! What’s up?

We need to talk. It’s about GOT.

Lol, hope you guys had fun reading that

or laughed

or smiled

or rolled your eyes at my dry humor😉😂😂

Love you❤❤❤❤


Be Different Babe


8 Things I learnt from “Girl Meets World”

When Girl Meets World ended, I was crushed! No longer would I wait for new episodes to show because there would be none. Girl Meets World is one of the best shows I have ever watched and I am eternally grateful to the geniuses behind it. Throughout Girl Meets World you feel connected to the characters and that in itself is immensely powerful, I have learnt so much and that’s why I want to share things I learnt from watching Girl Meets World.

  1. The Secret of Life- People Change People
  2. Never let society and the labels people give you define you
  3. Fight for your beliefs
  4. Beauty isn’t the only important thing in this world
  5. Broken things can still be beautiful
  6. True love exists
  7. Learn from the past
  8. We need to circle the people we love for as long as they’re here

Journal, Thoughts

Girl Boss/ Guy Boss 

Hi, everyone! By know I’m sure you know Claire, my amazing friend with an amazing blog! It’s a new month which means a new post for my series and I’m really excited about it because, it was really fun to think of questions and write and like,really get into the zone.

I cannot write a good intro and because of this I’m gonna stop rambling on and get started!

OMG, love this so much😂❤

July’s Girl Boss is: Claire Cramphorn!

1.What was the last thing you Googled?

Taylor Swift and Ethel Kennedy. (I only JUST found out that she wrote Starlight for her.)

2.Pretty Little Liars or 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why!! (Clay! 😍)

3.Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names?If not,why?

We have 3 family cats: Molly, Patch Midnight (original, right?)

They eat too much food, they shed to much fur and they spent 87% of their time sleeping.

4.What is your favourite number?

5. Partly because my birthday is on the fifth and partly because the 5 times table is the easiest. (Ihatemaths.)

5.Favourite song at the moment?

It’s not exactly new, but right now I have Better Man by Little Big Town on a constant repeat.

6.What’s your philosophy in life?

Trust your gut.

7.Do you write in a journal/diary?

No, but I have a thousand notes saved on my phone. That’s where I keep all of my most important thoughts.

8.Would you rather have a nice house and an ugly car/ugly house and nice car?

Nice house, ugly car. For definite.

9.It’s your lucky day, a genie offers to grant you three wishes!What do you wish for?

1. For everyone in my family to be supremely happy.

2. To publish all of the stories that are in my heart.

3. A metabolism that allows me to eat cake without having to spend three hours burning it off in the gym afterwards.

10.When you feel sad do you prefer to be left alone or be with friends?

Left alone. (Unless my friends agree to bring cake.)

11. If you could send a message to the world what would you say (in less than 100 words)?

Nothing is more important then being kind to each other. So be kind. Everyday, just be kind.

12.What is something EVERYONE looks dumb doing?

Eating pizza with a knife and fork.

13.What is the last embarrassing photo you took?



(In case you were wondering that’s the face I pulled when asked if I wanted to eat a chicken heart.)

14. What is the last photo you took


(That’s me playing hide and seek.)

15.If you could change your name, right now, what would you change it to?

Mrs Di Caprio (because I married Leonardo, obviously.)

16. What was the name of your first crush?

Jack. And it’s still one of my favourite names.

17. When a sad song comes on and you’re driving do you ever look out the window and pretend you’re in a music video?

All. The. Time!

And it’s not even just when I’m looking out of the window. I do it when I’m walking, when I’m on the train…I basically treat my whole life like a music video. (I have issues.)

I hope you guys love this post as much as I do and thank you so much Claire for being July’s Girl Boss!