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I am officially in love with Factorie!!! So as you know (I think) I’m supposed to be a gangsta for this school play and even though Google was no help, Pinterest was and I found a few (by that I mean 1) ideas for outfits. Now I was faced with the challenge of finding the stuff (I don’t shop online😂😭) and I narrowed it down to like 3 shops and you won’t believe it but, guys, I for real, bought jeans!

I’ve never like jeans because I’ve never found them as comfortable and I feel like they make my legs look huge. Though I have started wearing them more these past few months , I only have two pairs (black and blue). I went into Factorie and I found the cutest shorts ever! I tried them on and they fell off me. I didn’t think I would ever get over that but two days ago I found myself back looking for a top and some skinny jeans for the play. I found this top that I’ve been seing a lot on Pinterest and am obsessed with, I stared at pictures of the same shirt for like 20 minutes and then sighed knowing I would never find it. And I found it !!!!

3ac40a65b4cc98971908823b69fc0bdb Mine is in black.

I would marry this shirt if I could I am that in love with it! I should be re-writing my class notes because I didn’t write them neatly and I hated the way they looked but I decided to take a break from that after 3 pages so now I’m listening to Kygo and eating burnt popcorn (honestly it doesn’t taste that bad❤😂).

Did you just cringe😂😂



I tried out for the school athletics team but the results are only coming up tomorrow tbh, I don’t think i made it. BUT I tried out and I didn’t think I would ’till I thought of my personal motto and then I was just like

What happens when you’re 102 and you’re great great grandchildren don’t want to do things because they’re too scared too, are you gonna tell them how you didn’t try out? *me with hands on hips*

I got a 90 for this EMS(basically business)test, that feeling when you thought you failed and get a good mark😂😂❤

I’m reading a book called Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and it really is my current obsession. Book review? Maybe? I’m not very good at those.😞

We have a History test next week that I haven’t started studying for and a test on acids and bases #sorrynotsorry

I’m busy working on collabs with a few friends, and planning for this school project which I am 100% not prepared for(awful considering the fact that if I fail this I probably fail EMS).

I wrote something too, which might become a poem but I’m not sure yet, seeing as the wifi has abandoned us I’m not entirely sure when you’ll read this probably tomorrow morning though.

This has been a lot of random stuff but I want to share something funny with you ( ps:you had to be there to understand the humor, so this may be the dryest joke you’ve ever heard, it’s not even a joke, it just made me laugh)

Like I said interhouse athletics trials were on Tuesday I ran 400m and then two short distance races which adds up to 100m so 500m and they were compulsory, and then on Wednesday I had school athletics trials and I did 400m and then, today (yesterday if you’re reading this on the 28th) I had P.E and we run two laps and then we have stations were we have to do a whole bunch of different things. Back to the subject: so my muscles were killing me slowly and painfully and I had this like Deep Heat patch thing so I put that on and I assumed it would stick, then around 7:25 ish (I wake up at 5) it kept falling off and I was at school and I didn’t bring a bandage so I had to hold the patch against my leg whilst playing soccer (not easy at all) and it falls of like twice. Once we get to registration I ask my teacher for some sellotape and I stick the thing to my leg and it looked so weird and I’m just laughing because I look ridiculous with a patch sellotaped to my leg😂 So now I have a bandage thanks to the P.E coaches who gave me one from the first aid box but because I can’t wrap a bandage it’s fallen off more than 8 times today😂

Like I said a lot funnier if you were there. I have to do some English uomework now because I’ve almost forgotten to do that these past 3 days.

I’m also thinking of doing an updated Bible Study thing but it’ll be like an improved version as I’ve learnt a lot since then and I do Bible Study every night so my game plan has really improved!

Ps:I figured out what an alkali is 😂😂

XxxChips 👅




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