When your favorite tv show ends

STAGE 1:Denial

Sometimes, it’s hard to process that the biggest disaster in the world is occurring right before your eyes. So you persuade yourself that nobody would be foolish enough to mess with you like that:” This isn’t happening,it can’t be happening!I haven’t given anyone the evil eye or tripped anybody, it’s…uh…it’s…uh…a joke, yeah, a joke. There is no way they would ever end *insert show name here*” Sound familiar? You’ve just gone through the first stage and even though you would think it gets better, it doesn’t.

STAGE 2:Anger

How dare they do that to the thousands, no,no, millions of *insert show name here* fans! You know what, I am going to start a petition against… everyone! You don’t just start a show, wait for it to be loved by nations all over the world and then end it! This is an outrage! I will sue you,mhm,yeah,that’s right. You’re.Going.Down.

STAGE 3:Depression 

This is the stage where you survive on ice cream for a month. Things have been really hard for you and your friends have to check on you every few days to make sure you don’t die of brain freezia. Your friends try to coax you with promises of a new episode of GOT(Game of Thrones) but you shake your head profusely and yell that there will never be a series as good as *insert show name here*

STAGE 4:Compromise

It’s been years (jk), you have finally agreed to watch half an hour of Game of Thrones if you get ice cream later on. You sit down and find yourself still sitting a week later #new #found #love.

STAGE 5:Acceptance

Sure, you still miss everyone on *insert show name here* but ever since you discovered GOT (Game of Thrones) you don’t think of them as much as you used to. You are starting to understand that *insert show name here* ending isn’t the worst thing in the world but if GOT ended you might die from shock.

5 minutes later…


Hey, Jane! What’s up?

We need to talk. It’s about GOT.

Lol, hope you guys had fun reading that

or laughed

or smiled

or rolled your eyes at my dry humor😉😂😂

Love you❤❤❤❤


Be Different Babe


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