The Shocking Gender Pay Divide That Proves Equality Is A Million Pounds Away.

21st century and women still aren’t seen as equals. Women go out into the world, into the workplace and make differences in people’s lives every bit as big as the differences men make! They have the same job but they still don’t get paid the same, work hard if not evwn harder than men but do they get paid the same? No! Please ask Claire for permission before reblogging because it’s respectful and try to tell this to at least one person and try cause a chain reaction. Thanks to Claire for such an amazing post and for being the coolest friend ever for spreading the word and being herself❤

Claire Cramphorn

They say the gender pay divide is smaller than ever. They say that, in the year 2017, women and men are practically equal. They say it’s all fair and there’s no need to worry.

And so a lot of people don’t.

They believe that it’s all under control, and that women will automatically get paid the same as men. Of course they will, this is the 21st Century.


And the real sick part is, it’s not even hidden all that well. The most obviously disgusting example, that proves how the gender pay divide is still very real, exists right under our noses in the very public domain of football. (Soccer, if you’re transatlantic.) Where the subject of salary is as widely discussed as the weather.

But I’ll admit, I didn’t see it before either. It never would have occurred to me if I didn’t have a personal connection to…

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