Toxic people|How to live with them

Does that title even make sense? Hope it does

I changed it so it should

Hey, guys! Today’s post is about toxic people, the role they play in our lives and why I’m embracing it (not saying it’s a good thing, just that there will always be toxic people in our opinion. You may be an angel to someone but somebody else may view you as toxic.) Let me explain coz this was a befuddling intro.

Toxic: venomous, destructive, harmful, unfriendly

We all have had people in our lives like this and the truth is that they aren’t worth a second of your time. Who wants to be around people who make you feel like less of a person and insecure. I say fight back and I don’t mean punching the person, no matter how badly you may want to;I mean learning how to transform all the negative energy they send towards you into positive energy!

Sure it takes a lot of self-control to stop the negative thoughts from getting to you but can you imagine how great that would be if everyone fed off of the bad stuff, made it good and helped others become positive too.

Eg. I fail Natural Science which I’m pretty sure is true

》So what if I failed NS I was laughing at myself when I was writing the exam, I can do better next term I get it grades stay with you for life but life on Earth isn’t forever and if I know in my heart that I had fun that’s good enough for me.

》 Now I’ve realised that it’s not gonna affect me for the rest of my life, I can work hard to achieve better marks and when my friends get bad marks not that they will. If my friends get a bad mark I know how to comfort them

We have to learn to stop focusing so much on all the mean people and the bad things that happen to us and live. Live life and experience things, feel emotions and fall in love because life is a gift. Stop waiting for things to happen and make them, laugh at your mistakes and stop thinking every little thing is the end of the world because it’s not, chase after your fears don’t let your fears chase you. And John Green is right, about so many things but this one sticks with me if it hurts it’s because it matters. We all have burdens but the only reason we have them is because we’re strong enough to carry them. Don’t forget to live before you die, tick everything off the bucket list you’ve been writing since you were 12. Never stop dreaming.


“As long as we don’t die this is going to be one hell of a story”

-Paper Towns



2 thoughts on “Toxic people|How to live with them

  1. morethanjustaprettyfacesite says:

    No way! 😢😭You’re my inspiration❤ Thank you for lighting up my world with your heartwarming comments❤ XxxChips

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