My most embarrassing moment

😂Warning: embarrassing moment will follow😂

As you can tell from the title this is going to be a very embarrassing thing to write about however when I told my friends they couldn’t stop laughing 😶😶😶😶😶

Like any 6 year old I was really excited to start ballet because all my friends were doing it, on that fateful day( I think it was a Monday/Wednesday) I walked into the ballet studio excited. It had been a really hot day so my mother had told me to drink plenty, which I did.

you fool why did you listen?n??

We started doing our warm-ups and for some reason our teacher was angry and she was shouting really loud and you see…

don’t tell them!

…the thing is…

hold it right there!😒

…I really needed to pee

now you’ve done it😩

My ballet teacher who I loved dearly was furious and she was yelling and little old me who needed the bathroom desperately was scared. Truth be told raising my hand wouldn’t have killed me but I didnt want her to shout at me.

how did that work out for ye?😂

First position and second position are the worst positions to stand in when you need the bathroom




yup. You of all people should know😈

oh shut up😲

And it was like: let it go, let it go can’t hold it back anymore

And what happened was pee kept trinkling down until I was standing in a puddle😢😢😭😭😭😦😧😧 All my friends started laughing but our teacher told us that even adults pee in their pants.

didn’t stop them tho😉😆

Anyway, I hope you enyoyed laughing at me in this post❤✌

“Let it go, let it go”



2 thoughts on “My most embarrassing moment

  1. morethanjustaprettyfacesite says:

    I love how my thoughts are like 😈vs😇 while I’m in the middle of something 😂😂😂Thanks for reading!!! Stay as amazing as always ❤XxxChips


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