The most gruelling two weeks of my life are over and I have never been so happy and exhausted at the same time. NS (Natural Science) was awful and I left out like 90% of the questions, CA (Creative Arts) sucked as well but apart from that I did well. I GOT 91% IN HISTORY and I am so proud of myself because I haven’t done as well in history this year as I wanted to. We got our English paper 2 today after it had been marked and many people did badly, I was one of them 67%. EMS was a lot better though 83% and Afrikaans 74%, I was ecstatic because Afrikaans is a subject I struggle in, LO (Life Orientation) was amazing 87.5% and English paper 1 was 73%. I think those are all the exams we’ve gotten back so far but yay!!!

I have to pass because I like expensive things



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