Life Hacks

Have you ever been in a situation when you needed help but couldn’t think of a solution? These hacks are for everyday use and hopefully if you run out of data or the WiFi isn’t working you remember these😉

  • Put a wet wipe on your brush before brushing your hair. This makes it a lot easier to remove any hair from it later.
  • Accidentally close a tab on your laptop? Simply press ctrl,shift,T to restore your tab.
  • Fluff on your favorite jersey? If you don’t have a lint roller things may be looking pretty bad for you however if you have a shaving stick simply shave the fluff away. DO NOT TRY WITH SHAVING CREAM😂
  • Do you constantly find that your nail polish ends up everywhere around your nail and not where it’s supposed to be? Take some glue and a small paint brush and spread the glue around your nails wait for it to dry and then paint your nails same as always, once that dries peel the glue off for perfect nails💅
  • EVERYBODY knows that the struggle is real when you’re trying to wake up in the morning and get ready for work or school. Here are two hacks that’ll help you wake up:
  • 1. As soon as you wake up drink a glass of ice-cold water.
  • 2. Before you go to bed set your alarm and then place your phone/alarm clock on the opposite side of your room. Once your alarm wakes you up in the morning you’ll be forced to walk all the way to the other side of your room to switch it off, waking you up almost instantly!
  • Want to watch your fizzy drink fizz over the rim and low on Mentos? Simply add a sour worm to Sprite (I tested this yesterday with SPRITE)
  • Sour worms are amazing once you get rid of the bitter taste, place your sour worms in a glass of water for a few minutes to get rid of the overpowering taste🤓
  • Every girl experiences that time in her life when she needs a heating pad and either doesn’t have one or can’t find one. There’s a hack for that: fill a large sock with beans, tie the sock and place it in the microwave!

If you want to know any other hacks comment the question down below and a heart if any of these hacks helped

Infinite X’s and O’s


If you stumble make it part of the dance💪


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